Artist and Rapper Zheani Shows A Softer Side On New Single ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven’ The Zheani Sparkes EP Out On May 29

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Artist and Rapper Zheani Shows A Softer Side On New Single 'Dirt On The Name Of Steven' The Zheani Sparkes EP Out On May 29
 Photo Credit: Estevan Oriol

“refreshing and exhilarating” – Cool Accidents
“raw, unfiltered, and unlike anything else out there right now” – Red Bull
“She’s tearing thresholds a new one” – Claire Mooney, triple j Unearthed

Australian rapper, songwriter, and artist Zheani has shared ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven‘, the second single off her upcoming The Zheani Sparkes EP, due out on the 29th of May. Produced by Lil Aaron, acoustic guitars dance over vibrant 808’s as Zheani delivers her story with a melodic trap flow and a blunt Australian Accent.

Watch ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven’ via YouTube here.

Zheani’s lyrics paint a vivid image of rural Australia. Red dirt and rough men. She recounts a tragic story set in an Australian paradise and this contrast is mirrored sonically with intentionally heavily auto-tuned vocals set within a pristine acoustic melody.

Following the abrasive ‘DIRTBIKE‘ released last month, ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven‘ is another chapter in Zheani’s self-reflective story. To accompany the track, Zheani shared a music video featuring rugged animations by Mik Shida that further illustrate the song’s narrative.

Speaking on the track Zheani states:

“For many years after his death I suppressed memories of my father and our relationship. In contrast to all the other adult men from my childhood he was intelligent and spiritual. This gentleness was often a topic of ridicule in an environment where the rough, heavy handed and bad men ruled. However he was also deeply flawed with an incapacity to finish anything he started and a predilection towards addiction and depression. The last time he called me I stubbornly refused to answer the phone. At his funeral I couldn’t bring myself to cry.

On ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven’ I rap about him, I rap about men and about memories of a world I have left far behind but can’t untangle from the web of who I am.”

Australian rapper and songwriter Zheani makes uncompromised art – her raps are raw and unfiltered, her photos are censored by social media, and her music videos are performance art pieces that push both limits and buttons. She is staunchly DIY with a punk-rock mentality to her approach of art and music. Not one to be muffled by the industry, artist’s barriers or controversy, Zheani became a hero in some circles as a David vs Goliath archetype when she dropped her now infamous song ‘The Question.’ Since then she has experienced every emotional roller coaster ride the music business has to offer. She has seen her name attached to falsehoods, dealt with people working against her behind the scenes to have her censored and still stood dignified despite attacks that would have shattered the life of the average 26-year-old woman.
ZHEANI – ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven’ [Single]
Available to stream here


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