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Can you share a bit about yourself and your journey into the music industry?

I’m Archer, I make pop-electronic music! I started making music back in 2018, sending Garageband demos I produced on my phone to my friends (they were notably terrible). That’s kind of where I discovered a style of writing lyrics that I really enjoyed. From there, I found a producer to work with to create my first track ‘Malibu’ and the rest is history!

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP, ’23’! What inspired the title, and how does it reflect the theme of the EP?

Thank you so much! ‘23’ is one of those numbers that appears everywhere for me – for instance seats on flights, hotel room numbers, my graduation number etc (it’s all a little spooky) It also felt right to name the EP ‘23’ in 2023, when I was 23 years old. I think there are definitely themes of reflection in the EP. Considering I started making music when I was 18 and I’ve always pondered the release of my future EP, ‘23’ really made me reflect on the last 5-6 years and where I’ve come and where I’m going sonically and in my music.

Could you walk us through your creative process when working on the songs for ’23’? How do you approach songwriting and music production?

Each song had a different process. For example, Whispers was a demo I originally wrote and produced that I then sent across to Tristan at Studio Ninety1 to produce properly. Then with tracks like Bittersweet and Star, they were both tracks entirely written and produced in studio sessions – so really developing and tweaking sounds and lyrics as I went!

Who are your musical influences, and did any specific artists or genres inspire the sound of your debut EP?

I pulled a lot of different influences. I’ve always been a big fan of Billie Eilish and Mallrat, both of which operate in the pop space but are very different sonically. I do love pulling inspiration from lo-fi and hiphop!

If you had to pick one track from ’23’ as your favorite or the most personally significant, which one would it be, and why?

I love all the tracks but I think Whispers has to be my favourite. Since writing it, I’ve spent many a car ride listening to it and shamelessly screaming the lyrics. I don’t want to toot my own horn but there’s something about the bridge that just hits different.

Are there any collaborations on ’23,’ and how did those partnerships come about? What do you think each collaborator brought to the project?

I worked with two amazing artists on the production and lyricism for the EP. The whole EP is produced by Drest who is an amazing artist in his own right but also helped work on production and lyrics for ‘23’.Obviously, the EP wouldn’t exist without him. I also worked with Riverine – who is an incredible producer – on Bittersweet. He definitely brought a whole new level of depth into the track and really elevated the production in the chorus especially.

How do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist from your earlier work to the creation of ’23’? Are there any significant changes or growth you’ve experienced in your musical journey? 

I think that ‘23’ is a whole lot more considered than my earlier releases. I think in the beginning I would create a track and then release it, create a track and then release it. With ‘23’ it required a lot more consideration and planning which I think allowed me to evolve, as it forced me to step back and really think about what I wanted the work to be.

The visual aspect of music is increasingly important. Can you discuss the visual elements accompanying ’23,’ such as album artwork or music videos, and their significance to the overall project?

Absolutely, in all my writing there has always been organic/nature references. In the beginning it was references to the ocean and the waves and then when I moved up to the Gold Coast and was really exposed to those elements – I think it more came out in the feeling of EP. It was really important to me to keep some element of nature in the EP, so if it wasnt with explicit references then it was going to be in the visuals. The EP art was shot in Tallebudgera Valley in the Gold Coast hinterland. It’s a very beautiful place! My photographer, Evie, and I, really played with themes of reflection using a mirror in the majority of the shots. A lot of the Spotify canvas’ play with this idea as well as they were shot on the same day.

What were some of the challenges you faced while working on your debut EP, and how did you overcome them?

I think one of the challenges I faced came from being in the studio and creating songs from scratch on the day. It was something I’ve never really done before as usually I have all the lyrics planned out before standing in front of the mic. I think it really forced me to try and get as vulnerable as possible when it came to writing so I had to put my nerves and my anxiety aside and just try and open up for the music. 

How do you hope your audience will connect with ’23,’ and what emotions or messages do you aim to convey through your music?

Any way someone finds a connection with my music is good enough for me. I just hope people can relate to some of the tracks and maybe apply their own meanings and connect in a deeper, more personal way. 

With the EP released, do you have plans for live performances or a tour? What can fans expect from your live shows?

Yes! I’m back home playing my first show in 2024 on February 17th at the Leadbeater in Richmond! I can’t wait to play all these new tracks live for the first time. Fans can expect a party where we laugh, dance and cry together. 

Looking ahead, what can we expect from Archer in terms of future projects? Are there any upcoming releases, collaborations, or new directions you’re excited about?

I’m taking a quick break until the new year and then I’ll hopefully be back in the studio writing some new music that people can boogie to!

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