Archangel Records, Australia’s newest independent record label dedicated to female talent launches today

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The newest sub-label of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group
aims to support independent women and their music.

Archangel’s roster includes Texan alt-rock outfit Tough On Fridays, Meanjin’s Ella Fence and Indonesian boundary-pushers SCALLER

Archangel Records Co-Founders Jasmine Robins and Kay McRae.

At a time when the global music scene needs more than ever a place in which creativity and inclusivity for the game-changing artists around us is put into focus, it is this environment in which Archangel Records, the latest sub-label of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group, comes into view, making its official launch today.

The brainchild of Australian music-lovers Jasmine Robins and Kay McRae – two young, female employees of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group who aim to change the way that local music operates – Archangel Records makes its official debut with an already-stacked roster of impressive talent, and a mission statement that is as admirable as it is powerful.

Taking inspiration from the eponymous archangel – that is, an “angel of the highest stature”, and beings which are “fierce, powerful, and relentless” – Robins and McRae look toward these qualities as the prominent focus for their label, leaning into the fierce, powerful, and relentless artists around us who strive to change the world with their fearless art.

Since their respective origins as members of the Golden Robot team, both Robins and McRae have experienced first-hand what it’s like to be part of a label that helps to ensure that the focus is put squarely upon the artist, and exists to create an environment which encourages and fosters creativity.

Now, with their combined experience, the pair’s newest venture strives to provide elegant, modern, and proud representation for women on the already impressive Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group roster, all while serving as a metaphorical middle-finger for those who overlooked the duo or stood in their way.

Built around a shared desire to support independent women and their music, Archangel Records is set to serve as the change that is sorely needed within the Australian music scene.

At its core, Archangel Records exists to help elevate the female presence in a heavily male-dominated industry, and endeavours to erase the stereotypes that surround women in music. Armed with a roster full of contemporary and imaginative artists, the label strives to create a space with a wide and inclusive range of genres and people.

With its official launch into the local and international music scene taking place today Wednesday, 27 July, Archangel Records is welcomed into the world with an already-admirable roster of artists. These artists include the likes of Meeanjin/Brisbane based singer-songwriter Ella Fence, and Indonesian boundary-pushers SCALLER.

​​Ella Fence is set to announce the release of a new album through Archangel Records soon, while SCALLER will put their new single, ‘Music We All Have‘, up for pre-order on Thursday, 28 July, with new album Noises & Clarity set to arrive in late September.

Notably, the Archangel Records roster also includes Texan alt-rock outfit Tough On Fridays, who are set to release their forthcoming album, The Encore You Didn’t Ask For, through the label. Their first full-length release since the arrival of 2020’s A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time, the upcoming record is set to release in November, with the first single ‘Growing Pains’ available for pre-order through the Archangel Records website which also launched today.

With a roster of fierce talent already up their sleeves, and a strong desire to continuously expand, Archangel Records is set to continue their shake-up of the musical landscape by ensuring the way that they sign artists aligns with their integrous vision.

Focusing strongly on female artists and female-led bands, Archangel Records aims to assert themselves as an approachable label which is open to hearing from new, upcoming, and established acts as opposed to actively ‘hunting’ new talent in accordance with the archaic industry methodology.

Jasmine Robins and Kay McRae photographed by Rin Evans.

Archangel Records Co-Founder, Kay McRae, states:

“Nothing feels better than being in your element. Listening to music, creating connections and new experiences… It’s amazing. As time has gone on I’ve noticed that something is lacking in this industry, and that’s women. I want to change that.”

Armed with a fresh and exciting approach to the music industry, Archangel Records are committed to ensuring that their roster is as diverse as it is powerful, with a strong focus on breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of any artist, and a dedication towards the same fiercely independent nature that underlines the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group.

Archangel Records Co-Founder, Jasmine Robins, adds:

“The music industry is fast paced and fierce, but rewarding to work in. Seeing releases go out and watching them do well, knowing that you’ve had a hand working on them, is an incredible feeling. The connections you make with artists, managers and people in the music world are connections that will last a lifetime and another reason why I love this industry so much.”

Archangel Records joins the likes of Social Family RecordsRiot RecordsCrusader RecordsCounter Clockwise Records, and others already within the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group, and aims to continue their expansion with more groundbreaking talent in the coming months and years.

CEO & Founder of Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group, Mark Alexander-Erber, adds:

“I am over the moon to not only have two hard working and loyal staff members as part of our global team but they have shown an entrepreneurial attitude and flair at such a young age. I would be crazy not to back their initiative and leadership in the undertaking of this new label. They have my full support and the backing of the Golden Robot International machine in every way.”

Archangel Records makes its official launch on Wednesday 27 July as part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group.

Tough On Fridays’ new album, The Encore You Didn’t Ask For, arrives in November via Archangel Records, with the first single ‘Growing Pains’ available for pre-orders now. Pre-save here.

Click here for more information about Archangel Records.


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