Ape Rave Club Releases Digitized, Feel-Good House Single “Let The Music Take Control”

by the partae

Artist: Ape Rave Club
Title: Let The Music Take Control
Label: Self-release

Ape Rave Club – the world’s first performing NFT artist – is back to wow listeners with another out-of-this-world production in the form of their new single “Let The Music Take Control.” The track fits perfectly with Ape Rave Club‘s mysterious identity with its heavily digitized elements, which are present in everything from the sultry vocals that open the track to its sparkling top beat. Balanced with a groovy, deep bassline and infused with tech-house-influenced kickdrums, “Let The Music Take Control” is an upbeat, dancefloor-friendly tune that has a compelling story behind it.

The origin of the track is one and the same as the origin of Ape Rave Club, back when he was just a regular crypto ape who had made it big in the year 2031. “Giba,” as he was known back then, spent most of his time watching 3D movies at the Bored Ape Cinema, and one day found himself transported into Tomorrowland 2019 aftermovie. Like most natural-born ravers, Giba was immediately hooked – and the rave became his calling in life. He spent countless hours in his studio treehouse and then his rave cave, learning to DJ so that he could test his skills in the physical world. Shortly after, he manifested his dream of playing at Tomorrowland in 2022 on the festival’s iconic MainstageApe Rave Club combines the universal language of music, special experiences, and endless ways to connect with fans on a whole new level. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon at Ape Rave Club.


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