Antoine – Reveals Triumphant Accompanying Video Clip For Debut Single ‘One Time’

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Antoine - Reveals Triumphant Accompanying Video Clip For Debut Single 'One Time'

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“The Melbourne-based musician’s debut single is a wind-swept R&B moment that feels like the future of Australian music.”
– Pilerats (AUS)

“The video is just constant euphoria – Martha’s huge smile and ace dance moves are impossible to not get lost in, especially paired with Antoine’s bars and the song’s addictive beat.”
– Cool Accidents (AUS)

“Antoine out here singing ‘One Time’ pretty sure the people will demand seconds tho. Took me to the islands with this sexy track, also here for the Shy Guy break down. Come On, Antoine!” – 4.5/5 stars
– Ilai Swindells – triple j (AUS)

Added to Apple Music playlists ‘New Music Daily’ and ‘The New Australia’

Added to Spotify playlist ‘the hybrid’


Following on from his mesmerising debut single ‘One Time’, Melbourne-based R&B newcomer Antoine has teamed up with Reebok for the accompanying video clip – directed by Liam Kelly and Zoee Marsh.

The clip follows the main character Martha as she embarks on her day, dancing through the back streets of Geelong, Victoria. Shot using hand-held cameras, the video flows from shot-to-shot capturing the exquisite choreography and boundless energy of its main characters, including their 90s inspired get-ups.

Director Zoee Marsh describes the process and inspiration behind the clip:

“Our aim was to document the song being heard for the very first time by diving into the fun energy that this track creates. We paralleled Martha’s journey with the journey of the CD being given to her at the start and passed on at the end. Concerning the movement, Martha and I worked on embodying the vibe of the track in the most authentic way so when shooting the clip, Martha’s energy effortlessly poured out of her whilst making her way through the locations. We also explored set choreography in sections but were driven to make it as seamless and free as possible.”

Since release the track has been widely embraced by SpotifyApple Musictriple j UnearthedPileratsAUD’$Mixdown MagazineThe Local FrequencyThe SoundcheckAAA Backstage and Radio Adelaide.

Antoine comes from a family of musicians, who all originate from Mauritius, East Africa and Italy. His Dad is a multi-instrumentalist who still plays shows to this day, and his mother was also a back-up R&B vocalist in the ’80s. Both parents have been huge influences, making it difficult for him to have passion elsewhere. Wearing his influences on his sleeves, Antoine is on a mission to bring some old school R&B back to life.


‘One Time’ is available worldwide now



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