ANNA O – Set To Ignite Again With Ethereal Single ‘Set It On Fire’

by the partae
Previous Support for Anna O
‘We’ve Got Time’ added to Double J Rotation
‘We’ve Got Time’ played on Triple J Home & Hosed
“She’s back and better than ever! This is a triumphant anthem, that oozes emotion” 4 / 5 (Ash McGregor, Triple J)


“One of the best voices in Australia right now” (Tone Deaf)
“Part Lorde, part Bjork, and part Royksopp , the band set a backdrop of downtempo electronic pop that is a breath of fresh air…Then, when Anna begins to sing, the entire experience raises to another level.” (Aus Music Scene)
“Love the way the production weaves under your vocal, this is a great new song Anna” 4 / 5 Stars (Zan Rowe, Double J)
Boorloo/Perth-based electro pop artist Anna O is set to ignite the Australian music scene once again with her newest single ‘Set It On Fire’, which is due to be released on May 19. Known for her powerful and passionate brand of alt popAnna O has captivated audiences since the release of her debut EP in 2015.
Following her successful release of ‘We’ve Got Time’ earlier this year, which was widely praised for its tender and introspective lyricism, Anna O’s latest offering promises to be just as impressive.
‘Set It On Fire’ not only showcases Anna O’s emotive lyricism and pulsating beats but also boasts a dreamy production that feels ethereal. The song features a sawtooth synth bass that adds an edge to the track, perfectly complementing Anna O’s captivating vocals.
The energy of ‘Set It On Fire’ is nothing short of liberating. Anna O’s powerful vocals are layered with soaring choruses that burst with energy, creating a sense of euphoria that is hard to resist.
Drawing from her own life experiences, Anna O has crafted a song that is both heartfelt and powerful, exploring themes of self-discovery and finding one’s way through life’s challenges. Anna O states:

“It’s no surprise that lyrically it was still about this season of life that I was in the thick of.. post-natal depression, stay at home mum, no understanding or diagnosis yet for me or my boys. Still unmedicated because I was too scared.”

Being open and transparent about her challenges in life is the core to her songwriting as she continues, “One morning at some inhumane hour I lay awake staring into the dark after feeding my baby boy back to sleep. I was agitated and frustrated, but then this sense came over me that I was about to write a song, which is how songwriting tends to work for me.”

Produced by Luke Minness (PRISCILLA, Have A Good Day, Yes Lenny), ‘Set It On Fire’ is a testament to Anna O’s dedication and commitment to her craft. Her recent partnership with Minness has resulted in a creative explosion, with many more releases in the pipeline.
Her last release landed rotation on Double J and received support from Triple JTriple J UnearthedAAA BackstageAus Music Scene, amongst others.
Fans of Anna O can look forward to immersing themselves in the entrancing soundscape and mesmerizing vocals of ‘Set It On Fire’ when it drops on May 19. Don’t miss out on this incredible new release from one of Australia’s most captivating electro pop artists.

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