Among The Restless

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Among The Restless
What is your name and role within Among The Restless?
My name is Rhett James and I am the lead singer.
Where are you currently based?
I am based in inner-city Melbourne but currently stuck in Brisbane due to COVID.
How has your COVID19 experience been so far?
For the band, like any other creative act currently in the world, COVID has been an interesting roller coaster of uncertainty and improvisation. We had to change all of our plans and have been taking every week as it comes. It’s sad to say that the band has only been together once since the virus broke out and I miss our shenanigans dearly, but coming up to Brisbane in June was a saving grace for me personally and bought some reality back into my life which has been really nice. I just feel for the boys back in Melbourne that are toughing it out.
Your new single ‘Without You’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?
This song was influenced by the groove-based rock sound of the late ’80s and the charismatic showmanship of these performers with a modern twist that we have incorperated. We wrote the song about situations that we have been around whilst experiencing the coming of age and is relatable on all different levels.
How did you go about writing Without You?
We went about writing Without You to be a fun and relatable song. Our guitarist Lachie actually came up with the main riff and concept for the song in the shower then brought it into the rehearsal room for the boys to work on the form. Once we got the form locked on, the Bass player Josh, as well as Lachie and I, sat in a room for a fair amount of time coming up with the lyrics based on our collective past experiences. After we felt happy with the lyrics we took it into the rehearsal room again and both the drummer Jaidyn, and our other guitarist Seamus had their say and we glued the song as a band
The song took slight changes when we took it into the studio. These changes diversified each of our individual parts which created the final recorded version of Without You.
Where and when did you record?
We recorded at Red Engine Studios in Brisbane with my Dad Steve James in mid-March, just before COVID struck.
How did you approach the recording process?
We began the process by sitting down with Steve and playing an acoustic version of the song so he could get an idea of it. He then gave us his feedback and requested we change a few things which we did. We then began with Jaidyn on the drums and all followed individually with bass, guitars, and finally vocals.
What programs/equipment did you use?
Lachie used a JCM900 amplifier with a vintage 1960’s cab and played an Ibanez Premium for lead guitar and using both a Fender Tele and Rowe custom electric for rhythm Josh used a Fender Precision bass which was Di’d Jaidyn used a 90’s DW kit with Zildjian cymbals and a Tama Metalworks snare Seamus used a Fender Tele going through a Vox AC30 for rhythm and a Tokai Gold Top going through a marshal JCM900 for lead breaksRhett used a Neuman U87 mic with a Neve 1073 mic amp along with a Urei 1176 compressor. Steve recorded us with Neve 1176’s and an SSL desk G and E series with ProTools HD.
Would you do anything different next time around?
I wouldn’t change what we have created for the world. I am extremely proud of myself and the boys!
Who are you listening to at the moment?
I have been listening to a whole range of artists across genres but my favourites getting me through COVID have been Anderson Paak, Megadeth, Machine Gun Kelly, The Screaming Jets, and Post Malone.
What do you like to do away from music?
I’m a massive football fan. I’m both extremely passionate about football and music and It’s good for me to have another outlet in which I love doing.
What’s planned for the remainder of 2020?
The band takes every day as it comes, we have one more song planned to release for 2020 which will be our heaviest yet! we look forward to sharing it with everyone soon.
Favourite food and place to hangout?
Sushi Link on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The band used to meet there every day for lunch when we were all at uni and the food there is amazing. Special place.

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