ALTERJOY shares electric new single “Better Make A Move”

by the partae

Dark-pop solo powerhouse ALTERJOY shares new single Better Make A Move, begging the question – is the price of fame and ego worth losing yourself?

Working alongside established producer Chris Lalic (Windwaker), Ben Heidrich, also known as ALTERJOY, takes a step into the dark side of ambition and desire with his fresh new single. The new track explores our addiction to instant gratification and the hunger for attention as we prioritise status and wealth over human connection, particularly in such a social media driven society.

Better Make A Move is a rock tune at its core, but delves into elements of EDM, metal, dark pop and hip hop, inspired by artists to the likes of Enter Shikari, BILMURI and Ghostmane. Experimenting with a broad range of genres, ALTERJOY sets out on a unique path of self discovery and sonic exploration.

ALTERJOY is the brainchild of singer songwriter Ben Heidrich, predominantly known for his role as drummer in Adelaide alternative metal outfit, The Daily Chase. Relocating to the Gold Coast last year, Heidrich ignites his creativity in the form of ALTERJOY, a project free from genre restraint and restriction.

Launching in 2023, This is Real became ALTERJOY’s debut single, a rock anthem built upon a cinematic landscape, paving the foundations of alternative pop rock mixed with EDM elements. A blend of dark synths and vibrant keys sought to strike listeners in the feels from the first drop.

This year’s sophomore single Hella Good is a fierce and confident cover of a No Doubt favourite. The single reached tens of thousands of streams across YouTube and Spotify and further established ALTERJOY as a newcomer worth watching.

ALTERJOY is a musical odyssey for those craving something refreshingly unique and thought-provoking. Heidrich’s refusal to be confined by convention has led his solo project into uncharted territory, creating a thrilling and unpredictable listening experience.

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