Alex Runo – ‘Devil’ Premiere

by the partae
Alex Runo

Raised on a mixture of soul, gospel, rock and blues, Alex Runo has since added to his repertoire a set of flavors developed from working with the likes of Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Jill Johnson and Tingsek.

After touring for almost twenty years as a background singer, bass player and guitarist all over the world with many renowned artists (Shirley Clamp, Uno Svenningsson, Robin Stjernberg, Lisa Miskovsky), as well as writing and producing music for several established acts (Super Junior, TVXQ, Cho Yong-pil), it was high time to release something of his own.

Together with longtime colleague and funk/soul producer Jay Birch, Alex creates music with notes from all their combined influences, from Ray Charles via Sly Stone to Nine Inch Nails and Peter Gabriel.  The music may be rooted in soul, but having made a career as a chameleon singer and multi-instrumentalist, you can hear a variety of influences in the compositions.

The element of surprise is essential, but most of all, this is music that is meant to make you feel something.

Runo’s debut single “Underdog” introduced his unique pop style with a deep, dark production combined with a funky groove.

His sophomore single “Preaching To The Choir” further explores his fascination with the blues and even country music. This, in his own words, is “a song about how being wrong, and changing the way you look at things, isn’t always the same as being weak, but rather a way to grow as a person.”


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