Alex Hosking

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Alex Hosking

Where are you currently based?

 I am currently based in Adelaide, South Australia prior to COVID I was living out of suitcase traveling between London, LA, Amsterdam, Adelaide and Sydney. Last week I flew to London which was an experience traveling through a pandemic!

How has your COVID experience been so far?

I have been super fortunate to not been or had any of my family/friends affected by it. which I’m really thankful for.   I’ve been able to use this time to be with my family which i don’t normally get when I’m traveling all the time and we’ve just been isolating and being present. As well as working on LOTS of new music of course!

Please tell us about your prior success as a songwriter and how it all came about for you:

I have been writing songs since I was a little girl! The first song I remember writing was when I was 5 it was a song about being true to yourself!  No one tells you how to do something like writing songs it just sort of happened. In my final year of school, I was flown to Nashville during exam week,  to do an album after being spotted on my youtube channel which has now been deleted!  After that, I wrote for The Voice and other artists and that was my first experience as a young writer, writing for other people. Nashville was a huge eye-opener. I was shocked to find out that people really do this for a living.. fast forward and Sony ATV heard some songs I was writing on a songwriting camp and the rest is history!

PS1 ‘Fake Friends’ has been well received within the UK, how did you come to be part of this track and why do you think this track in particular has been such a success?

Funnily enough, I wrote the song 3 years ago on a songwriting camp, it was actually the first song that Sony heard and signed way back then. Originally it was written (if you can believe it in a hip hop/ pop type of way! ( I know hard to believe) I sort of forgot about the song as a few years had past and the producer who I wrote the song with hit me up and asked if it was okay to send to PS1, a few months later it was turned into a House track!

You have a debut solo release coming out in September 2020, what can we expect?

I am really excited about my new song Playing Up! I wrote it a year ago whilst going through a breakup and during COVID I isolated with Adelaide producer Israel Amoy and we worked on music together. Playing Up was one of the songs that came out, we produced it and send it over to grammy-nominated Berkay Birecikli to add production, mix and master who is based in Los Angeles. It was again unlike any experience due to the pandemic things were slow but it was awesome to get to really work on every production element and make sure we were all really happy with the outcome.

How do you usually go about writing music and what or who influences your sound and songwriting?

I normally write songs about situations that I have gone through, its the reason for why most people start writing and I genuinely find that if I can connect to the song others will be able to as well. I always write down lyric ideas and poems and listen to a lot of different styles of music.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2020 and going into 2021?

Writing lots and lots and lots of music! focusing on my own artist project! and hopefully, in 2021 I can start traveling and performing!!

What do you like to do away from music?

 I love working out and being outdoors, I am always in dark studios so any time i can get out and go for a walk i love it!!!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

 I can’t stop listening to Raye, Mabel, MNEK, Joel Corry,  Dua Lipa, Sigala, Stormzy, Sam Feldt, Jonas Blue, Manu Crooks, B Wise, Mø and Anne Marie!

Favourite food and place to hangout?


Best Food: in Adelaide is Parwana Afghan Kitchen

Best spot to hang out: Mt Lofty Hike!


Best Food: Dishoom

Best Spot to hang out:  Two Pair Cafe in Battersea Park in the afternoon when it’s sunny out!

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