Album download! Fredfades & Jawn Rice – “Jacuzzi Boyz” (Deep House)

by the partae

+ debut album ‘Jacuzzi Boyz’ via Mutual Intentions on 18th January 2019

“An enticing first taste from what could prove to be a strong start to 2019 for the pair” – Complex Magazine


 Having been ensconced in the studio recording tracks for their debut album ‘Jacuzzi Boyz’ due 2019 via Mutual Intentions, Norwegian leftfield electronic DJ / producers Fredfades and Jawn Rice will preempt its release with a brand new track ‘Tonight’ featuring Lucid Paradise.

Fredfades details the track: “’Tonight’ is my personal favourite cut from the project. It’s a track I hope reflects our love for the true sound of quality soulful deep house. For me, this is like a personal tribute to pioneers of deep house that came out of New York, Jersey, Detroit and Chicago. In the beginning this was a deep house groove I made and sent to Jawn for him to work with. He did a version first, and after that we worked on it together with contributions from both a bass player and Lucid Paradise, which resulted in a slow evolution towards modern funk. This wasn’t what I wanted it to be in the beginning, so me and Jawn went to my studio to scrap the electric guitar bass, re-record the synth bass, lay down more keys, really turning the drums away from boogie funk and back into a house thing again. Then we rearranged both the instrumental and the vocals. I believe this is version six or seven of this song, and all the different versions really sound very different. Bang it real loud and enjoy the groove part that plays for the last three minutes of the song”.

Hailing from Oslo and Lillehammer in Norway, Fredfades and Jawn Rice have been collaborating on music for over ten years in different shapes and forms. They bonded immediately when they both bought their first SP1200’s back in 2007, but it wasn’t until recently they decided to collaborate on a full project.

The project is deeply rooted in traditional genres such as house and electronic music, but with their super jazzy signature touches. The project features vocalists such as Lucid Paradise, Stimulator Jones and Dreamcast who all contributes with soulful RNB oriented vocals. With Jawn Rice’s “Highlights” and Fredfades’ “Warmth” LP’s well received in 2017, this is guaranteed to be one of the hottest house records of 2019.

Editors notes:
Fredfades is a Norwegian producer, DJ, and artist. As a real heavyweight and widely known collector of Jazz, Boogie, Disco and Modern Soul records, Fred has been traveling all over Europe the past two years sharing stages with house names such as Jeremy Underground, Robert Owens, Byron The Aquarius and Hugo LX. He has done radio mixes for Motor City Drum Ensemble, NTS Radio, Worldwide FM, Rinse FM and Dublab while touring. Before this, Fred made a name and platform for himself in indie hiphop circles worldwide, with his solo debut album Warmth (2017) that featured artists such as Mndsgn, Ivan Ave, Nanna B, Chester Watson & MED. Same year, he also produced the most streamed songs on Ivan Ave’s “Every Eye” LP (Jakarta Records, 2017) and Charlotte Dos Santos’ “Cleo” LP (Fresh Selects, 2017). Fredfades & Charlotte Dos Santos was also featured on the Stones Throw compilation “Sofie’s S.O.S. Tape”. Besides being a musician, Fred manages the Oslo-based record label Mutual Intentions, which did the first ever Norwegian Boiler Room show in 2015.

Jawn Rice is a fresh addition to the house-scene. He released his house debut “Highlights” in the winter of 2017, and it instantly got added to the list of 2017’s best releases by some of the biggest Norwegian newspapers and magazines. He first made his name known as a part of the trio Oslo SP Ensemble where he made Hip-Hop beats together with Fredfades and Deckdaddy. They did their cult SP1200 beat tapes and also produced Ivan Ave’s first vinyl EP. After a while, Jawn took a break from the whole Hip- Hop culture to explore new genres of music. He discovered house music, and went to festivals which led him to rapidly explore a bunch of progressive genres. Jawn’s deep house is reminiscent of your favorite boogie and jazz-funk jams, yet remains forward leaning with his hyper modern production style. His subtle use of samples, vibrant keyboard soundscapes and vivid drum programming is a blueprint for upcoming releases by the aspiring producer.

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