AEON five year anniversary film

by the partae

Alex Niggemann had a vision to “launch a label that mirrors diversity”. Now, in 2018, his absorbing AEON imprint celebrates five years in the business. To mark this pivotal moment a celebratory film was commissioned.

AEON carefully selects each release to move their vision forward, showcasing and building an ever-evolving family of exceptionally talented artists and like-minded souls.

For those people with open minds and open ears, electronic music doesn’t really have borders – blurring the boundaries between house and techno is a given – creativity and experimentation without restrictions and expectations is what allows artists to make exceptional music that becomes timeless and treasured.

AEON is a home to cutting-edge artists who are bold enough to breathe life into their productions with true emotion. AEON stands for people who walk their own path, who dance just the way they feel, celebrating and being passionate about what they do without following rules.

AEON 5 Years Compilation. Released 7th December on AEON Pre-order link here 

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