Adelaide’s SEABASS return with energetic new single ‘BURN’ from forthcoming debut EP, ALWAYS KIDDING

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Adelaide’s SEABASS return with energetic new single ‘BURN' from forthcoming debut EP, ALWAYS KIDDING

With their new single ‘Burn’, Adelaide indie-rock group SEABASS charge into the final months of 2020 impassioned and ready to start a new chapter.

Having spent their first year as a band quickly generating momentum surrounding their energetic and dynamic sound, the four-piece have wasted no time in pouring their diverse sonic influences and electrifying performance vibes into studio sessions, creating their debut EP, Always Kidding.

From the EP (due February 2021), ‘Burn’ marks another strong step forward for SEABASS. Powered by strong instrumentation and soaring vocals, the band’s brand of indie rock is an exciting one being championed out of South Australia.

The urgency that drives ‘Burn’ is an organic element that filtered its way through sessions for SEABASS. The track, written and inspired last year following the horrific bushfire season much of Australia experienced, as well as the devastating incidents of Indigenous deaths in custody (in particular, the murder of Kumanjayi Walker), ‘Burn’ matches feelings of hopelessness with rousing sonic progressions that offer a spark for people to keep on going. To push through.

“Although the song itself is uplifting and a call to mobilise against stupidity and inaction, there are undertones of desperation and hopelessness that ride with the need to push through. This song literally fell out of me at 8am one morning into a demo session on my computer. We tidied the track up here and there but ultimately this is how it first sounded that one emotional desperate morning. 2019 was a big year for injustice…we should have known what was around the corner. Luckily, my band had each other and music.” Annie Siegmann, SEABASS

The band worked with talented creatives to produce the visuals for ‘Burn’. Linking up with Adelaide photographer Sam Graves and Lily Drummond Films, SEABASS were able to have their ideas realised, even though they all admit venturing into videography and this side of the creative process was foreign territory.

“Lily Drummond did an amazing job of weaving together a whole bunch of disparate ideas into something watchable. We have big ideas for future vids, so bloody watch out alright!” Flik Freeman, SEABASS

Since their inception in 2019, SEABASS have become one of Adelaide’s exciting new exports. Members Siegmann, Freeman, Ryan Martin John and Kyrie Anderson came together as SEABASS after landing a gig supporting the iconic Pussy Riot in Adelaide; the experience spurring on the engaging music we hear from the band today.

The band, who share strong musical chops already (three are jazz trained, while Ryan comes to the fold as a seasoned sound engineer too), explore music that can fill a listener with euphoria as it can incite calls to action. In a similar vein to The Jezabels and WAAX, SEABASS bringing an unbridled sense of emotion to their songwriting, backed by some fine-tuned indie-rock sounds.

Having cut their teeth in Adelaide as headliners and supports for artists including Ecca VandalGrinspoon and The Superjesus over the last 12 months, SEABASS are ready to tackle 2021 and unleash the Always Kidding EP on those who’ve been there since the beginning, and newcomers alike.


“Minimalist in nature, but enormous on the vocal and guitar parts, SEABASS are experts in the art of delivery, capitalising on the accessibility of their music, where it counts the most.”

“This is the first I’ve heard of SEABASS and quite frankly, gimme more!”
Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Brains’, 2020)

‘Burn’ is out now!
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