Adam Webster

by the partae

That undeniable feeling when you suddenly smell fried food by the seaside. Smooth dreamy vibes and sparkling stratocasters. Premiere solo release by Collingwood’s Adam Webster (Colour Picture Book, The Funky Truth) “Sunshine and Onion Rings” is the soundtrack to the dog days of summer.  Adam Webster has an affinity for dogs, rivers, and towns with small populations.

“It just feels so good to take yourself less seriously. This song came together so naturally and easily it was just so much fun to work on.” This track is a slight departure from the pure analog tape recordings of Colour Picture Book’s 2018 vinyl release.  After really getting to play with all the classic analog tools of my dreams at Revolution on the last record, I think I got a bit of it out of my system. I just didn’t really care how I got the sounds this time. I was just messing around, there were no rules or expectations. If it sounded good, felt good, we kept it. You know what happens to your soul when you smell some hot eats on the pier, by the water… it’s about that feeling, that vibe… and if you’re as lucky as I am, there are people who can light that same feeling up inside you no matter where you are.” – Adam Webster

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