A mesmorising soundscape, Rain is the latest creation from the illustrious collective Queens Of Club

by the partae

A captivating metaphor & double entendre. On one hand, it represents the cleansing downpour of emotions that washes away the residue of a night’s revelry. Yet, it also symbolises the unstoppable nature of Queens Of Club’s musical prowess. A force as steady and inevitable as a heavy rainfall. Featuring guest vocals from Evangeline, Rain transports listeners through a whirlwind of sensations.

Sultry beats and hypnotic pop melodies intertwine, mirroring the longing for intimacy after a night of boundless energy. But beneath this shimmering surface lies a darker complexity, a current that pulls the listener deeper. It’s here that the Queens Of Club’s true essence unfolds – moonlit, ethereal, and enigmatic. Let Rain wash over you, immersing you in its spellbinding allure. Surrender to the rhythm, and allow it to guide you through the emotional landscape it creates. Rain is more than just a song; it’s an experience. Out Now on all Platforms.






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