Wild Front

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What is your name and role within Wild Front?

I’m Josh and I’m the guy that sits at the back and hits the drums.

Where are you currently based?

We’re are based in Southampton, where 3 of 4 of us were born and all of us grew up. (Jack was born in Croydon and moved to Southampton when he was a teen.)

You just finished supporting Fickle Friends followed by their own headline tour, what were the highlights of the tour?

It was the first time we’ve gone on our own headline tour around the country, and it was so good to all pile in a van and travel round and play shows in places we’ve never played before. We all really enjoyed the Ireland shows, and were humbled to travel to places so far from Southampton and have people travel out to watch us.

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How did the tour come into fruition?  

We have always had in our minds that we want to try and play to as many people as we can. We love playing live and feel like that is such a key part of the band an how we present ourselves, and want to get out and play as much and to as many places as we can.

I hear that next year you will be releasing a new single at the end of February followed by another headline tour.  Can you give us an idea of the direction that you’ll be taking with the new track?

For the new single, we’ve taken a slightly different route to the dreamy sound, and following the rockier vibe that we also enjoy. Slightly more driven guitars, an 80s inspired guitar solo break but still a funky, fancy vibe throughout.

Where will you be touring?  Are any support acts locked in?

We’re planning on hitting up some places in the West that we didn’t visit this time round, so Bath and Bristol, as well as one of our favourite places to play, Brighton. There are also plans to head back to Leeds and a few other places. We’re in touch with a few friends in the south, but nothing locked in just yet.

What influences your sound?

We’ve all got a lot of different inspirations and bands that we’re into and so we have a big melting pot of different genres that influence us. Jack (Vocals) is really inspired by folk music, me and Joe (guitar) are heavily influenced by 70 and 80s rock music and Mike (bass) listens to a lot of hip hop. All of this feeds into our sound in different ways.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m really into Wolf Alice at the moment, I love the rawness of their latest album. I’m always a sucker for Bon Iver, as are the other boys.

What equipment and programs do you use live and when recording?

Some recent additions to our live setup are a Roland SPD drum sampler which I use alongside my kit to add a few more layers and sounds to the live set, and Mike has started using his MicroKorg synthesiser to add some big bass synths to the set. Joe and Jack have quite extensive guitar pedal boards which are a big part of the Wild Front sound.


When are you playing next?

Our next show after the new year is at the University of London Student Central on the 12th January, tickets are on sale here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cub-sessions-featuring-wild-front-wyvern-lingo-rothwell-danny-starr-tickets-39830388765

How did you first get into playing music?

A lot of my first musical idols came from my Dad, I was brought up listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, and my parents bought me my first drum kit and guitar when I was about 12. Me and Joe have been friends since we were little and used to get together and jam all the time. It was actually Joe’s dad who taught me most of what I know!

How did Wild Front form?

Jack used to have his own solo folk project, and Joe brought us all together to be Jacks backing band for his live shows. We were performing in that project for about 3/4 years, and decided we should start a band and take the music in a slightly heavier, funkier direction, and here we are. Fun fact: when we first started, we named ourselves ‘Tracy Island’, influenced by our obsession with Thunderbirds.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Jack and I have both gone vegan in the last year, so our eating habits have changed pretty drastically. We have a few places we love, Cafe Thrive in Southampton, Beelzebab below the Hope and Ruin in Brighton, but I think the holy grail for every vegan in England has to be Temple of Hackney. In stark contrast, Joe and Mike will do anything for a burger or a steak. We all love Oreo’s, although we’re all in disagreement over which type (Classic, double stuff or thins) is best. My vote is with the classic, just the right biscuit to cream ratio.


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