Wesley Black Exposes His Genre-Melding New Single ‘Better With You’

by the partae

‘Better With You’ – First Play on Triple J Home & Hosed (Nov 22)

“… songs like OUTLAW! and Eleven are glimpses of his brilliance in its best form shown thus far, showing his craft as a multi-faceted emcee that can move between flavours and energies with ease.” – Pilerats

“OUTLAW! is a heavy mix of electronic and trap elements alongside high energy vocals with a music video full of powerful scenes and vivid imagery.” – MILKY

“Blistering stuff from Wesley Black. I just know that staunch and nasty delivery would go hard in a live setting.”
4 / 5 (Joe Khan, Triple J)

“Once again this is plenty large! there’s embers flying everywhere so word of warning, don’t wear your flammable jacket when listening to this new Wesley Black joint.”
4 / 5 (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“WMD level payload from Wesley Black on this one. He’s on fire at the moment and with Daunt on the beat™ and Ivan Ooze turning in one of his best features in ages the whole squad is armed up.” 4 / 5 (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“Oooooft. Watch out everyone!” 4 / 5 (Celline Narinli, Triple J)

Unveiling his first release since debut album ‘Angel’ earlier this year, Perth-based alternative hip-hop artist Wesley Black is adding a blazing indie-rock twist to his already scorching sound with newest single ‘Better With You’ (out November 23).

With his blistering trap beats, pulsing electronic elements and gripping vocal delivery, Wesley Black is known for creating fire-filled, body-jerking tracks that sizzle with immovable high-octane energy.

Now, his new single ‘Better With You’ (produced by Daunt) exposes a razor-sharp edge of vulnerability in Black’s sound, showcasing his growing dynamism with a heart-aching track that expertly melds laid-back indie-pop vibes with his distinctive rap fire.

Arriving in a trance of simmering hip-hop grooves, melancholic guitar melodies and deeply hooking beats, Black’s aching yet polished vocals pair delivering intoxicating lyrical hooks and some hard-hitting bars in the second verse.

Lyrically, ‘Better With You’ sees Black at his most vulnerable, detailing his own heartache suffered at the hands of unmet love as he explores a new melancholy within his sound, stating:

‘Better With You’ is about having unconditional love for someone, who you know doesn’t need you in return. In this track, I finally allowed myself to become vulnerable in my music and my own sadness, teaming up with insanely talented producer Daunt who helped me create a prom night inspired soundscape for me to pour my heart out.”

With a growing catalogue of head-turning tracks, Wesley Black’s previous releases have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Tone Deaf, Pilerats, MILKY, Aus Music Scene and more.

Wesley Black’s new indie-rock flavoured single ‘Better With You’ and accompanying music video are both out on November 23.

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