welcomes new signing ticktock

by the partae

We are happy and proud to present our new signing ticktock. Currently based in Copenhagen, the band revolve around three musicians: Sebastian Zieler, Jacob Koefoed, and Jens Skovgaard. ticktock exist in the space between pop and the weirder reaches of the sonic universe and their version of outsider pop takes in diverse influences – from Blade Runner to Timbaland. The result is a universe of ideas and sounds put together with extreme attention to detail. In prospect of exciting new music to come their first release on hfn is ‘A Collection of Songs’, a 6 track mini album that gathers together some of their previous works as well as giving us a delicious new take by MANOID on ‘Pastel Clouds’, one of their bigger singles. 

A Collection of Songs from In the Belly of the Whale #1, The Country of Last Things and Fault Lines + a remix from MANOID will be released December 1st.

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ticktock: | Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

ticktock – a collection of songs | out 01.12.2017
cat.no: hfn72

01. Pastel Clouds
02. A- A- A-
03. Stripped Of Reuptake Inhibitions
04. optinoptoutoptnot
05. Pastel Clouds (MANOID Remix)
06. Carnivala

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