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Save Our Scene have today launched an online petition urging the Victorian Government to provide a staged roadmap to reopening, as well as ongoing financial support for the Victorian music industry that has all but been forgotten in the state’s plans for economic recovery.

“Give us a path out of this and support us until we get there” the petition letter pleads.

Victoria’s current roadmap to reopening ends with an unsustainable density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm; a fraction of a venue’s normal licensed capacity. “We may be open, but we will be bleeding out slowly.”

To support the ‘Road To Nowhere’ campaign, Save Our Scene have also launched a merch collection, with all funds raised going towards campaign costs and any surplus donated to Support Act.


Music venues are on a road to nowhere.

The State Government has announced a roadmap to reopening the state once we hit 70% and 80% double vaccination levels, but we are not on it.

The current roadmap ends at a 1 person per four metres square density quotient for venues, which is a fraction of our normal licensed capacity. You can have up to 150 people, but only if your venue is over 600 square metres – that’s the Forum. Most venues cannot open at all at that level, and no venue can trade sustainably.

Even at 1 person per 2 square metres, we cannot survive. For most venues, that is 30% of our normal trading capacity. We may be open, but we will be bleeding out slowly.

This affects everyone.

If we do not protect our live music venues and clubs, if we do not work towards a “COVID normal” in which live music venues and clubs can trade sustainably, there will be nowhere for musicians to perform when the dust settles.

Audio engineers, lighting technicians, tour managers, roadies, venue managers, PA and backline companies, venue staff, bookers, promoters, managers, publicists, and a vast network of other professionals in the music industry will not be able to earn a living.

Audiences will not be able to go out every night to experience live music: to dance together, to cheer, to have their hearts lifted up.

Melbourne will no longer be the Live Music Capital of the World.

We need to be on the map

Unlike many countries overseas that have restarted their live music and club sectors, Victorian music venues are simply not in the picture when it comes to economic recovery. After 19 months of effective lockdown, we have nothing but fear and uncertainty ahead. We cannot plan for a ‘Covid normal’ future and prepare to get back to work.

As our state begins to open up, we are asking the State Government to put us on the roadmap.

Give us a path out of this and support us until we get there.

We are asking the Victorian Government for:

  • A staged roadmap to reopening music venues at 100% capacity
  • Ongoing, scaled financial support for music venues until we return to 100% capacity
  • Ongoing, scaled financial support for music industry businesses and professionals until we return to 100% capacity
  • Direct consultation with music venues in planning for the recovery of the sector

Please, recognise how special this sector is to the culture of this state.

Protect our venues. Support our artists.
Save our scene.”


We represent independent small to medium music venues across Victoria, including some of the most iconic and long-standing music venues in the country. We are not the big end of town – we are not in the business of hosting stadium tours. We are the pubs, theatres and clubs where Australian musicians get their start and hone their craft.

We are the venues where Victorian music lovers see shows not just once a year, but every night of the week. Our venues nurture the part of Victoria’s music culture that is uniquely Victorian, providing community, connectedness and wellbeing to people across the state.

​The following spokespeople are available for comment:

Ben Thompson – Booker at 170 Russell
Liam Alexander – Owner/operator at Colour
Sasha Janssen – Owner/operator at Whole Lotta Love
Paris Martine – Booker at The Curtin
Simone Ubaldi – Venue Operator at The Croxton Bandroom
Lucie Ribush – Venue Manager at Revolver Upstairs

Save Our Scene Website Save Our Scene Website
Save Our Scene Save Our Scene
@saveourscene.vic @saveourscene.vic


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