Van Duo

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Van Duo

What is your name and role within Van Duo?

 The names behind VAN DUO are not important, we like to have focus on the music and name VAN DUO

Where are you currently located and what is the music scene like there?

 VAN DUO exists out of more than 1 person, locations are New York City and Europe

How would you describe your sound?

 Our vision behind the music is finding an equal balance between, sophisticated melodic music and accesable dance music. Combination of underground and overground.

How did Van Duo form?

 Through the internet, we haven’t met each other yet, our first physical meeting will be around the debut show at Ushuaia Ibiza with Martin Garrix.

You’ve just released your brand new EP ‘Rotator on STMPD RECORDS, where and when did you record/produce the EP?

The idea for Rotator was already devolped quite well, and we finished it up. We use ableton as DAW.

What influenced the sound and songwriting for Rotator?

We don’t have lyrics, but the sound is influenced by using sounds we like from different electronic genres.

How do generally go about writing music together?

Its a team efford of A&R + Idea’s and technical aspects, we have a lot of experience on those fields.

What programs and equipment did you use for the Rotator EP?

Mainly everything is in the Box in Ableton.

Where can we listen/buy Rotator?

On all digital platforms, there are also limited vinyl pressings.

How did you both first start playing music?

Through vinyls!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Nobody specific, its a big industry nowadays we all love Electronic music so thats mainly what we listen to in general.

You’ll be both be travelling from Lithuania and New York to play alongside STMPD Records boss Martin Garrix at Ushuaia Ibiza in August, how did this show come about and what do you have planned for this show?

For our debut show the tracklist will be filled with unreleased material and released material from VAN DUO, but we also love to make our own version of older tracks. Its going to be a nicely coloured dj set.

How do you prepare for each like show?

This is going to be VAN DUO’s first show, so we don’t know yet haha.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

We are releasing a lot of new music, also with STMPD. We have a new remix coming soon, it’s a remix for Martin Garrix & Khalid. Also we will release music with Lost Frequencies label “Found Frequencies”  very soon.

What do you like to do outside of music?

We like to create any form of art, music we love sports, nature and travelling.

Favourite food and place to hangout?


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