V/A – From Sound To Silence 2 Obscura – OBSM007 2 x 12” vinyl + digital 23 November 2018

by the partae

For its seventh release, Obscura – the thriving label of Italian trio Agents Of Time – returns to the compilation format to welcome exciting new talents and core label acts.

‘East Coast’, the Agents Of Time track which opens the release, is at once tough and atmospheric, with delicate pads suspended above the rugged, syncopated rhythm. London Modular Alliance complete the A-side with an organic jam of bleeps, bass and crisp percussion. Next, Australian Jensen Interceptor contributes a fresh cut of rapid-fire electro which leads neatly into the sci-fi tones of ‘Welcome To My World’ by newcomer Golden Virgo.

Following a full EP on Obscura earlier this year, Hiver is back with the elastic bassline and dreamy arpeggios of ‘Stasys’. Orbe, a remixer on Hiver’s EP, impresses with ‘Never Comes’, a similarly restrained and endlessly detailed journey through the depths.

The final side is split between Laguna and Kris Wadsworth. The former tunnels further into the hypnotic side of Obscura’s sound whilst Wadsworth’s crunchy, Detroit techno ends the release on a high. With ‘From Sound To Silence 2’, Agents Of Time have compiled eight, stand-out tracks to explore the full range of their dancefloor sensibilities.

A1 Agents Of Time – East Coast A2 London Modular Alliance – Buck One B1 Jensen Interceptor – Manix B2 Golden Virgo – Welcome To My World C1 Hiver – Stasys C2 Orbe – Never Comes D1 Laguna – Adriatic D2 Kris Wadsworth – Abroad


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