Tropical Strength reveal new Christmas single ‘Tomorrow Never Snows’

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Also release cover of carol ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ Out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music

Experimental leisure coast duo – Tropical Strength release new single ‘Tomorrow Never Snows’ just in time for Christmas along with bonus b-side xmas carol cover – ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ as a festive season treat!

Tomorrow Never Snows’ gives us a more personal insight into the brothers own relationships with the holiday season and with a quintessential Christmas in Australia, melding the classic Christmas jingle of sleigh bells with the bands Australiana influence, all the while exploring the Australian Christmas through summer themes and emotions that can be induced by the season.

The melancholy vibe of Christmas is something Al and I are drawn to in a strange way every year. Whether its ‘How To Make Gravy’ by Paul Kelly, the old guy from ‘Home Alone 1′ or Edward Scissorhands; we can’t stay away from the tearjerkers. Plus, we’re big fans of the Christmas songs by people like Phil Spector and The Beach Boys so naturally it was going to happen sooner or later.” Said Sir Dinsington.

The inspiration via The Beach Boys doesn’t end there with the b-side cover of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ taken from a favourite of the brothers – The Beach Boys Christmas Album.

Tropical Strength will play a couple of very special intimate live Christmas shows to celebrate the festive season. Details below

Tropical Strength

Music Farmers Christmas
Monday, December 18 | Music Farmers, Wollongong NSW

A Very Tropical Xmas
Thursday, December 21 | Frank’s Wild Years, Thirroul NSW

Tropical Strength are an experimental duo, emerging as the latest testament to the NSW Leisure Coast’s knack for fostering some of the country’s best new musical talent.

The latest signing to Wollongong indie label Farmer & The Owl, Tropical Strength is led by two brother’s, Al Foil and Sir Dinsington.

Keen eyes might recognise the brothers for their contributions to other South Coast offerings such as Shining Bird and The Pinheads, Tropical Strength exists as a focus though – a passage into the day-to-day visions of chief songwriter Al Foil, drawing on the nostalgia of childhood memories and surreal happenings growing up in coastal suburbia.

With influences ranging from nursery rhymes and Ozploitation cinema to the novels of Stephen King, Tropical Strength craft a sound inspired by the sounds of baroque psychedelia, fuelled by caffeine and anxiety and haunted by the past, present and the inner psyche.

Tomorrow Never Snows’ by Tropical Strength is out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music
Get it now:

Featured Photo Credit : Ricky Quirk


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