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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

Nowadays I’m settled in Madrid, the city has welcomed me very well, I feel already like home here.  I think that Madrid has the best electronic scene on a national level, and one of the best on an international. Seeing interesting proposals in festivals and clubes is more and more common. In my opinion the best producers are in Madrid. And it seems that it will keep growing.

Your new EP ‘Hiatus” will be out very soon, where and when did you record?

It was fully created and recorded in Madrid, in my studio. The whole idea started a year ago or so.

What influenced the sound and songwriting for the 5 tracks on Hiatus?

All inspiration comes from my mood in every moment and the music I listen to daily, which is a big influence. But the truth is that I try to express with music what I can´t say with words.

How do you usually go about songwriting and then how do you usually go about recording / producing each track?

A lot of times it emerges by intuition, searching for sounds that make me feel something. But with “Hiatus” it was a more premeditated and thought process with caress, trying to take care of every detail. As tools I use synths, rhythm boxes, some Vst. I like to use the perfect tool for each momento, either analogue or digital, that is indifferent the real important thing is the final result.

What is the meaning behind the EP’s title?

“Hiatus” is a rest, a break. The hiatus can last for days, weeks or even months. During this time it´s not necessary that something happens. But it can be used to make ideas arise. As this EP wants to express we can use the “Hiatus” to enjoy the time we have ahead as a opportunity of development, to be what we wan to be and not necessarily what we were yesterday. It can be applied to many moments and states of mind.

How did you first start playing music and how did you get into playing live and recording / producing?

Everything started in a little town in Extremadura called Plasencia. Since I was a child I was captivated by the music, I had a radiocasete in my bedroom with two tape decks and I used to locked myself and record music from the radio trying to mix a sing with another later, without knowing what I was doing but what I knew was that I loved it. Then you meet people who share your same interests, you discover and learn new things. You buy a new equipment. You start to play for your friends in private party and raves, then you get some dates in different clubes and festivales. Next your musical inquisitivenesses want to go further and you start in the production field as in the DJing one until today.
When and how did you come to be a part of the Sungate Record Label team?It started when I met Fran Domingo (Hakk), one of the minds behind he label, by a mutual friend and we developed a beautiful friendship. One day we talked and he told me to send him some material, then he sent it to Moy, other of the label´s minds, they asked me to finish the EP and I did it. This is the short story of how this beautiful project began. I´ll always be grateful to them for letting me be part of the interesting label they have created. I predict them a great future.
What are you listening to at the moment?As a music lover I love listen to every kind of music. I have an open mind. Currently I’ve been listening to artists such as Skee Mask, who has released an amazing album, Andy Scott, Chevel, Blawan, just to name a few within electronic music. I listen to a lot of black music too, Anderson Paak, The Internet, I could name a lot of artists of many styles I listen to but I would never end.What do you have planned for the rest of 2018 going into 2019?Keep making music without stopping and I hope to take my live around the world. I have some stuff in mind.Favourite food and place to hangout?

Extremadura always and enjoy its products with my family. There is nothing that can be compared to that.

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