Trocken Saft – THE PARTAE

by the partae

What do you do?

Doing my Best 🙂

How would you describe your music?

I think my music is Dry but with a lot of Harmonies.

You own, operate and produce out of Berlin based KDB Records, how and why did you create KDB Records?

The idea of KDB was born in 2008 in Berlin. I spent have traveled all around Europe. KDB got a German address. We were the first in post-soviet countries to press our own vinyl, we pressed vinyl until there was no money left, and realized that we needed to regroup.

We went back to work around 2012, and I had a clear understanding of what I wanted to make. I would like to release music that I would play.Now label based in capital of Poland Warszawa City .

What influences your style?

I never think about modern style or some kind of influences. Sound of KDB its some kind of my vision. We can release deep house or tech house or techno or progressive or electronica but in generally all this sounds will be merged by some common sound I personally like. For sure i have a favorite labels like PockerFlat, Get Physical, Dynamic and many many others.

In 2006 you joined up with LOVE PARADE, what’s it like being a part of the LOVE PARADE crew?

Yes i m good friend of Hardy Hard and WestBam. We made a lot of parties with this guys and that’s why I had luck to play at one of the official autoparties @ Face Club. This party is worth to remember. I was young ambition and i felt like i can conquer the world with one hand 🙂

How did you get into producing and Djing?

I was 16 years old and it was 1996 and I used reel recorders 🙂 In 1998 i felt in love with deep techno sound and got my first ten Vinyls and 2 two Technics 1210MK2. Now I still have this turntables but there are more than 1000 Vinyls in my collection.

You’ve shared the stage with the biggest names at the best festivals and raves, what has been one of your best shows to play so far and why? Who have you enjoyed sharing the stage with most and why?

I took a part of Love Parade, Mayday, Global Gathering, and lots of smaller festivals and parties. All of them had own spirits and memories. Mmm it is difficult to compare warm up set before The Prodigy concert and Backstage at the Truck with WestBam, Hardy Hard and Dr. Motte.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I build my House myself and Repair my old car:) i do it without listen to music i just enjoy the silence, this is the way how i take care about my ears 😉

How do your collaborations usually come about? What do you find the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the collaboration process?

Think back in my past i have to say I made lots of collabs. Last days I stopped to work with collaborations cause most of collabs seem like remixes. We wont to share studio with guys coz usually we are from different parts of the world 🙂 But at the near future I planning to invite some good guys to my studio and we will make real collaborations. As we say: One head is good, but two are better. Together in one studio you can create something new, some new approaches in production.

Favorite food and place to hang out?

I am spicy food lover . It’s not hot enough unless I’m dripping sweat as I eat it hhhh

i travel a lot but During the free weekends, I try to spend my time with all my family. I like big family gatherings in parents home. And i like to choose some new location and spend weekend there.


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