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“SEASONS” is the debut original release from New York City based DJ and producer TJ Mizell. Getting his start in the scene as DJ for A$AP Ferg, star of WETV’s Growing Up HipHop, and co-founder of label Doperoots, Mizell has released a number of tastemaker applauded remixes to date, and “SEASONS” marks the next evolution of the multi-faceted artist’s career.


A collaboration between Mizell, A$AP Ferg, Sebastian Mikael, and JNTHN STEIN, “SEASONS” represents a break from the high energy motif Mizell plays out on festival stages on the road with FERG. The electronic meets R&B sound of “SEASONS,” defined as “big room RnB”, plays into the track’s lyrical ethos that is tailored toward realistic romantics who understand that feelings change much like the seasons do.

Of the track, Mizell says, “This track came together in such an organic way. My team member Camille is always on top of the new sound and suggested a few artists that I should look into collabing with so without hesitation, I jumped in the studio with JNTHN STEIN. We worked on the music for this record and it turned out to be something extremely powerful. My brother had been listening to a bit of Sebastian Mikael’s music and figured his voice would fit perfectly for this song. We reached out to him and the vocals he sent back honestly couldn’t have been a better match for the record. Excited about the outcome, I sent the completed version of the song to Ferg for his feedback. Ferg ended up really loving the song and added some fire verses to it as well. Im extremely happy with the outcome and I can’t wait to share it with the world.


Labeled as a musical melting pot, or better yet a DJ’s DJ, TJ Mizell brings together musical royalty with the fusion of electronic and hip-hop modernism. An early adopter of the art of turntablism, TJ Mizell is a rare breed of artist whose blood is destined for a life in music. Learning from the top instructors at the Scratch DJ Academy, founded by his father, the late Jam Master Jay of RUN DMC, TJ Mizell has harnessed these skills and mastered his own craft. Mizell has collaborated with numerous artists, including A$AP FERG, JNTHN STEIN, Paper Diamond. If he isn’t practicing, producing, or touring, you can find the trendsetting TJ Mizell skateboarding the streets of Manhattan or planning Doperoots events from coast to coast

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