Tips for Mastering How to Layer Your Clothes

by the partae

Spring is tricky when it comes to weather – one moment the sun is shining, it’s hot like it’s mid-July, and the next moment you are freezing and wishing that you have put the warmest jacket you have in your closet. Winter is not much better – if you are out, you’re fine with having tons of clothes on you, but as soon as you go inside, you are soaked in sweat. On the other hand, chilly summer nights demand a light jacket, even if you have spent the day in a pair of shorts and a tank top. This is when layering comes to the rescue. Here are some tips on how to master layering your clothes.

Take fabrics into consideration

This is important for both aesthetic and practical purposes. If it’s cold outside, and you have to put on a warm sweater and even thickest jacket or coat, you might want to consider including an undershirt made of cotton, or some other fabric that can control moisture and provide comfort. This should be the first layer of your outfit, as you certainly don’t want a woolen sweater right on your skin. Cotton clothing stretches easily and it’s soft, which makes it a comfortable fabric to wear. An ordinary strap shirt is also a great choice, especially if you’re going out in the winter, and you can’t wear a sweater in a club where it’s sizzling hot, a nice strap shirt combined with a fine piece of jewelry under the sweater is all you need.

Choose colors wisely


You have probably seen someone wearing a plaid shirt under a striped jacket. And you probably haven’t enjoyed the view. Be aware of the colors of the clothes you choose for your outfit. If you are more into a classic look, choose colors from the same family. If you are wearing jeans, you can combine them with a striped dark blue T-shirt, and a white sweater or jacket. Earth tones are excellent for combining – if each piece of your outfit is one-colored, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. The colors of a rainbow are definitely allowed, too. You would just want to make sure that there’s not “too much of everything”. If your coat is bright green, opt-in for a one-color dark shirt and a pair of trousers or a skirt of the same color.

 Look for loose clothes 

The 80s are back again with drapey blazers. This is a piece of clothes that everyone should have in at least one color. You can combine them with almost everything – jeans, skirts, leggings…you can combine it with sneakers and jeans to get a sporty look, or with stiletto heels and a silk blouse for going out. Kimono jackets are lightweight and comfortable, so they are a great choice for chilly days when you don’t need a sweater, but you also can’t get out in a t-shirt. For colder days and nights, choose a knitted poncho that you can wear with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. You can also combine a loose, open-back top with a front-closing bra underneath. Bear in mind that if your blazer, jacket, or poncho is loose and long, skinny jeans or trousers, or miniskirts are the right choices. Having a baggy pair of trousers, or a long skirt will make you look frumpy and drowned in fabrics.

Finding the right combinations of clothes takes time and practice, but these few tips should help you get closer to mastering this. Play around with different looks, and search for some ideas. There are countless ways to combine clothes that will make you look trendy and stunning, so start experimenting. You will be surprised to see how creative you are!

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