Tiga is back with a new EP together with Clarian on Turbo

by the partae


The product of a songwriting duo in the rich tradition of Tiga/Hulkkonen and Tiga/McCartney, Stay Cool marks a return of sorts to the classic Tiga sound, which is now the modern Tiga & Clarian sound. The kinda-underground acid techno grooves and magnanimously biting lyrics paint a picture so contemporary it threatens to make you live in the moment for the rest of your life.

What began organically with Clarian contributing material and production to Tiga’s 2016 No Fantasy Required LP has evolved into a contractually-mandated partnership. Having already worked with the likes of Jamie Principle, Felix Da Housecat and Guy Gerber, the Montreal-born musician is no stranger to “the hot collab,” but was still taken aback by the rigorously enforced freedom he enjoyed during the Stay Cool sessions.

“Tiga will be the first to tell you he has no ego in the studio, and in my experience that is the absolute truth,” says Clarian. “Every idea I have, every part I write, we split the credit right down the middle.”

Stay Cool is a real-time disintegration of the boundaries between Tiga’s public passion for music and his private obsession with digital entertainment currencies like Quarthonium Bronze and LavaBucks.

“It occurred to me that what I could not stop myself from doing – typing ‘HOLD YOUR POSITION’ over and over in my crypto group chat – also served as an apt illustration of my heroic lifelong wrestling match with the idea of cool. And this epiphany has opened up my experience into a 360-degree panorama of creative possibility,” enthuses Tiga. “Soon, I’ll be haggling over blueberries at the farmer’s market and Clarian will instantly turn in into the sound of the summer, whether you like it or you love it.”

You’re So Special emerged from the songwriting team sitting around the drum machine in shirtsleeves with a pot of piping-hot coffee, waiting for piping-hot inspiration to strike. The lyrics ably grapple with the now, openly wondering about the direction of bleeding-edge compassion.

“You see it everywhere, from airport bookstores stocked with variations on The Art of Not Giving a Fuck to airline pilots taking time off to work on themselves mid-flight,” hectors Tiga, wagging his finger for needed emphasis. “I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but what I also don’t pretend to have is patience for those who pretend to do.”

Stay Cool will be released via Turbo on March 16th.

Stream or buy via: turborec.lnk.to/staycool

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