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On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Podcast, comedian and actor Paul Scheer talks with his friend and former collaborator Ken Marino, whose directorial debut, the very funny How To Be a Latin Lover, is currently in theaters. In a fascinating and often hilarious conversation, the two discuss Marino’s work on his new film with Mexican comedy star Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek; their roots in sketch comedy (Marino found fame with The State and Scheer with Human Giant); doing diverse work as writers, directors and actors; professional competitiveness; their comic histories; Pixar bloopers; Ken’s love of dance, and much more. For more filmmakers talking film and TV, visit Talkhouse Film at Subscribe now on iTunes or  Stitcher to stay in the loop on future Talkhouse Podcasts.

You can listen to the full episode HERE.


Ken Marino on Michael Cera appearing in the film:

“Something happened with Michael and I think that this won him over. We were talking about Cloris Leachman for a little while – she was in the mix … because I love Cloris Leachman! … Then I went out to Michael Cera; I just texted him and I was like, “Hey man, I’m doing this movie, I wondered if you’d do this part. FYI, just a crazy thing, met Cloris Leachman!” … And then we went back and forth with names of cool Cloris Lechman characters in movies. He was like, “Send me the script,” or whatever, but then we were just talking about Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein and Last Picture Show, and then because of that I think he was like … “Yeah, I’ll do it.” … [When we were filming], he came in with his Gene Wilder hair, and in my head because it was an homage to Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein – because we were talking about Cloris Leachman.”

Ken Marino on a canceled sitcom pilot he was cast in the late ’90s:

“It was about was about three brothers who move back into their parents’ house because the parents move down to Florida. And it was me, Mark Ruffalo and Sean Astin as brothers. … I remember talking to [Mark Ruffalo] on the set … and he was like, ” I dunno, man, I dunno if I like this sitcom stuff. I don’t think this is for me.” And the next thing he was in was You Can Count on Me, and then he was a gigantic star. And Sean Astin went on to do Lord of the Rings right after that!”


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