The Kids in the Hall

by the partae

What is your name and role within Kids In The Hall?

William Hall: vocals, guitar, bass / Asbjørn Midjord: lead guitar / Laurits Schmidt: drums, synth.

Where are you currently based?

Based in Copenhagen.

How did the band start?

William and Asbjørn have been playing together since high school and then formed The Kids in the Hall when they met Laurits after playing together for a half year.

The band have just released their first two singles, with 3rd one coming up in 3 weeks. How has the response been from fans?

It’s been a generally good response, but we’re still at the beginning of our journey!

What or who influences your sound?

A lot of different musicians, but to name a few: Talking Heads, The Cure, Twin Peaks, Mac Demarco.

What equipment do you use?

William plays a Gretsch hollowbody. Asbjørn plays a Les Paul Traditional and a Telecaster through a Vox AC30. Laurits hits in a Yamaha stage custom kit, Istanbul cymbals.

How have the live shows been going?

We’ve had one on Rust in Copenhagen (our first official show) that went really well overall with a nice and and friendly crowd.

How do you prepare for each gig?

We usually stay backstage, have a couple beers and just relax.

The band also has and two more singles that will be released over the next 3-4 months, each one with a video, do you already have a video concept?

Yes we do. We can give a hint! One of them involves the Japanese people.

How does the song writing process come together?

William writes the base of the songs, melody, chords, lyrics etc. Then the other guys do their thing, and so it becomes a The Kids in the Hall song.

How is the music seen in Denmark? Do you have plans to venture out of Denmark to play music abroad?

Yes, we’re planning a small tour in Europe. Scheduled for next year.

What can we expect for the future?

We’ll release three more singles, then we’ll go back in the studio in March to record some new stuff. In addition to that we’ll be performing some more shows across the country.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Favourite food is kebab with hummus and red cabbage. Favourite hangout is D’Angleterre in Copenhagen.

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