The Gunslinger’s Latest “Journeyman” is a True Saga

by the partae

Prepare your bags, space travelers. An odyssey awaits. The enigmatic Gunslinger is at it again, this time shaping your travels with “Journeyman,” a story-driven, soul-shaking track aptly named for its cinematic progression. The track opens with a galactic guitar solo, charting the way for a driving bassline, then a groovy topline before dissolving into ethereal synths and instrumental melodies.  Journeyman is a purely metaphysical experience, transporting the listener to a mysterious realm at once foreboding, enchanting, erogenous and provocative. Always the nemesis of the mainstream and formulaic, The Gunslinger pulls us time and again into a world where such music dare not tread. His last single, “Taking Back Time,” had nearly 1 million plays on Soundcloud in just three earth months. Where will Journeyman take us? The Gunslinger dares you to discover.

Who is The Gunslinger? The answer is not so simple – he is a crusader for the future of electronic music, creating original productions that continue to push the mold of music as we know it. His sonic arsenal is influenced by electro, bass, and trance. The last year saw him carrying revelers of Burning Man into the sunrise at the Opulent Temple and blasting the crowd on the Holy Ship to become one of the most talked about sets. He be will be ushering in the solar eclipse at Oregon Eclipse this summer, among many more magical appearances. If you’re fortunate enough to catch The Gunslinger during one of his performances, your life may just be forever changed.

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