The Chain Gang of 1974 Premiere M0NS00NS Remix of “Wallflowers”

by the partae
The Chain Gang of 1974 has premiered a remix of “Wallflowers” by newly buzzing producer, M0NS00NS. “Wallflowers” was the third single from new album FELT and lent itself well to the summery electronics and refreshingly lightweight rhythm heard in this version. Billboard originally premiered the music video for “Wallflowers,” a non-traditional mini-doc following the teenage romance of an Iranian adolescent whose family immigrated to the US at a dire moment in her battle with cancer.
Kamtin Mohager recently released his third LP as The Chain Gang of 1974 on Caroline Records. He worked with Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous to produce FELT. Here’s what critics are saying about the 9-track, synth-pop collection:
“The Chain Gang Of 1974 are not afraid of massive pop music” – Alt Press
“For the past decade or so, The Chain Gang of 1974 has been adeptly skilled at maintaining a rare freshness to its sound, and doing so in a way that kept each batch of new music’s release feel both oddly familiar but entirely unexpected.” – 

“manages to be both moody and upbeat … you’ll find yourself dancing, but slightly detached as you reflect on and dissect past relationships” – Substream 

“soaring retro synthy New Wave” –  

“With a mixture of funk and synth-pop, the band isn’t afraid to reach for the grand gesture.” 
– Respect Your Youngers
“They’ve beautifully evolved from one genre to the next and have a wide arrange of songs from dark and broody to infectious, danceable songs.” – Pancakes & Whiskey
“You’ve got to hear this!” – Volume

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