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Tez Cadey is the French producer and DJ that’s known for experimenting with melodic and proudly authentic music. After releasing a diverse body of work in his career so far, Tez has dropped his long anticipated new Lizard Days LP.


Tez Cadey is self-confessed music geek. He holds a more reserved personality than the stereotypical DJ and loves to throw himself into his work as a form of musical articulation. Whilst drawing influences from personal favourites in the field, Avicii and Kygo, Tez has cemented a reputation as a talented improvisational DJ that can spin a set on demand, with any given theme.


Within this year’s body of work, Tez Cadey dropped two heavy vocal singles – Rivers featuring artist Brodie Barclay and the Flying Illusion single that boasts songstress Ming. Shortly followed by the slow building club roller Logic, as well as revamped versions of proud Tez staples Ivory and Flying Illusion. Earlier in his musical career, Tez Cadey’s Seve amassed an incredible 800M streams worldwide and has been certified 16x diamond internationally. The track also received love from the notoriously hard to break market of China and was later turned into a satirical dance video unexpectedly led by the Chinese Air Force.


The Lizard Day’s album is an array of French dance music tracks mixed with uniquely indie pop blends that sit easily with live drums and some more traditionally electronic sounds. Always sure to keep it simplistic and sophisticated, Tez Cadey’s infectious synth melodies, and groove laden backdrops are combined with vocalists that ride high in the more upbeat anthems. French lyrics and dulcet tones lay low and heavy in the sultry more emotive pieces.


Lizard Days is an album that Tez has been looking forward to for a while. He’s a passionate musician that’s released more in demand signature music, that catches the undeniable essence of Tez’s endless production skill and exceptional musical repertoire.


Tez CadeyLizard Days is out now.

SPOTIFY:   https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/2CZsWnZMFdJBgkVpuXkSNr








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