TEES release single and video ‘Pull’; Announce EP launch shows

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Flow EP out this Thursday, 25 January on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music

TEES  release their latest track ‘Pull’ alongside a new video, and announce shows in Sydney and Melbourne, to celebrate the release of their Flow EP this Thursday, January 25 on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music. ‘Pull’ joins previous singles ‘Let Beauty Be’ and ‘Boy’ on the five track EP, which was formulated, produced and recorded over the last three years by the outfit, comprised of best friends and musical soulmates Sean Duarte and Lizzy Tillman.


‘Pull’ was created at a time when vocalist Lizzy Tillman was writing her thesis about toxicity in relationships. Reading and listening to stories about the incredible strength people can access during adversity was overwhelming and affecting, ultimately inspiring the song. ‘Pull’ is a homage to finding a sense of self-worth, when our worlds are telling us otherwise. The song is accompanied with a video directed by Steven Lattuca.

Despite the time and space between the creation of the songs on Flow, certain themes and ideas carry through and connect each of them, inspiring the EP’s title. The songs explore perspectives surrounding relationships, love, loss, hope and power, both in being with others and with oneself. Tillman and Duarte’s careful curation of Flow creates a sense of movement in mood – opening with the lightness of ‘Let Beauty Be’ before revealing more sombre and introspective tones toward tracks like ‘Pull’ and ‘Through You‘. This concept of duality – light and dark – is at the forefront of TEES ethos as both musicians and individuals; “The idea that you cannot truly approach the light and the wants and needs of your life, if you don’t process and confront what you are trying to avoid.

As TEES explain; “This EP encapsulates exploring and experimenting, trying not to be suffocated into a space of expectation and rigidity. Each of the songs explore the concept of striving to become self-determined and seek independence however there are differences in how each song aims to get to that point. The beginning songs speak to needing to cut loose from others to have a sense of this, to strip things back to find the self within. By the time ‘Through You’ begins it reflects an ending and a contemplation ~ a remembrance of what was told just moments before. That knowing yourself alone is not all there is. Knowing this, accepting and then celebrating this is what makes you aware that you can love
and truly be with those around you.

On Flow Lizzy Tillman and Sean Duarte continue to break the mould of their surrounding regional coastal environment, instead combining their love of pairing harmonising melodies alongside pulsating Balearic beats to stir up memories of the acid soaked raves of the 90s, with a clear nostalgic Australiana edge.


Thursday, February 1 | Boney, Melbourne VIC
w/ Pillow Pro & Claddy x Luis CL


Friday, February 16 | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW
w/ very special guests announced soon!



1. Let Beauty Be
2. Boy
3. On & On
4. Pull
5. Through You

Flow by TEES is out Thursday, January 24 on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music
Pre-order now:



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