TEES drop latest single “Let Beauty Be”

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TEES DROP LATEST SINGLE “LET BEAUTY BE” Out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music

Like a beachy disco-pop dream.

South-Coast duo TEES return with latest single “Let Beauty Be”, the latest offering from the Leisure Coast’s own Indie label Farmer & The Owl, out now via Inertia Music. On “Let Beauty Be”, TEES’ Lizzy Tillman and Sean Duarte’s experience of their surrounding environment manifests itself in the sound of dreamy house music, stirring up memories of the acid soaked raves of the 90s, with a clear nostalgic Australiana edge. The track comes alongside a new video directed by Jay Bird and shot by James Kates (The PinheadsShining Bird), which sees TEES take to the dunes.

“Let Beauty Be” follows on from tracks such as 2016’s “Got The Feeling”, where TEES made their initial mark. In Tillman’s own words, the new  track is about a conscious decision not to neglect the things that do, or once, brought you joy – “‘Let Beauty Be’ is about acknowledging that something makes you happy, for what it is, for what it was and letting it exist…It’s about allowing something to be in its most pure form, free from hatred, free from pride. It’s about respecting that something once inspired you, even though it might not anymore…It’s about knowing when something has reached its end, when to cut free so that it can remain as something separate from you, and yet still be beautiful… Without being tainted, without judgement and without regret… 

The halves of TEES first came together after a fortuitous meeting at Lizzie’s Redfern share house, where she demanded Sean was to drink a cup of specially prepared tea as a condition of entry. Later, Lizzie would emerge as the missing element to the music Sean was beginning to write. Their combined love of pairing harmonising melodies alongside pulsating Balearic beats eventually forged their creative partnership, and solidified their status as best mates ever since.

“Let Beauty Be” by TEES is out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music
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