by the partae

What is your name? 

Feras Kabbara

Where are your currently based?

Dresden, 200 km away from Berlin.

How old are you?


What’s been going on recently?

I’m back from my last Gig with BAAL in the Club Ritter Butzke in Berlin. Baal asked me to do a remix for the new HRRSN EP on Ritter Butzke Studio – thats why the gig.

How do you know Baal?

I met them as we played together at the “Loved Noise Festival” – we had a really good time there.

How did you learn to remix?

I made my first steps with 16 and the program “fruity loops” – time goes by and I improved my skills and equipment during the last years. Remix is more easy for me than making completely own productions and I really like to work with Melody’s of other good producers and make my own version out of it.

What equipment do you use? 

Dj setup I use the easy solution: two USB and one headphone – the other stuff is in the club.

For producing in my studio I use just my DAW Ableton, two midi-keyboards (Roland A-500 Pro & Akai LPK 25), Ableton Push, monitoring – two Neumann KH 120 and a Adam Sub, beyerdynamic dt 880 pro as studio headphone together with the phone amp “G93” by Lake People and a lot of internal plugins.

Who are your influences?

10 years ago I was really into the EDM stuff bevor I met Deep House and later melodic techno. So at the beginning of my music-making career I liked Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Deadmau5 and many others of this kind. Nowadays – one of my heroes are Adriatique, Patrice Baumel and a few others.

Are you working on any other remixes?

I just finished a remix for Danito & Athina for the label Eklektisch – the label from Edu Imbernon.  I’m also working on a remix for Solemn Eye right now. Release is on “Affect” Label “Salomo Records”.

Favorite Producer right now?

Patrice Baumel.

What so you like to do outside of music?

Sport – I know my body doesn’t look like I’m making a lot of Sport but this is the only possibility to getaway from studio and refuel new creativity. 🙂 And of course a lot of gf and family stuff, meet friends, Netflix&Chill 😛

What is your favorite food and place to hangout?

My favorite food is Libanese food. My father is from Lebanon and I can’t remember anything better than sitting in Beirut and have a good Dinner.

When are you playing next?

My next gig are at Ritter Butzke Berlin, Waagenbau Hamburg, Flux Landshut, Peter & Paul Regensburg.





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