Take a psychedelic mindtrip into the world of Luis Colindres!

by the partae

Become a part of his fluid linework as you add your own personal touch of color.  This collection features some past illustrations and brand new ones drawn exclusively for this coloring book!


“I started working on this book towards the second half of 2017.  A lot of close friends and people who follow my work would tell me it would be a good idea to do my own coloring book.  In February, I started a Kickstarter for the project and was successfully funded.  Now that the book is available for everyone, I’ve been bringing it to various art events that I’ve been a part of like comic conventions and a music festival.”


“I wanted to give the EDM community something that they can bring their own personal touch to, while they listen to their favorite tunes; I am so humbled that the Kickstarter campaign was a success, so I can make that a reality for them.”

Hands On Drawing.jpeg




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