Sun Dumb ‘Tokyo’ OUT NOW

by the partae

Sydney based Electronic newcomers Sun Dumb burst onto the scene with their bright debut single Tokyo, set for public release Friday the 17th. 

Sun Dumb are a new collaboration between musicians and producers Ryan Coughlan and Julian Sudek, two born-and-bred Sydney locals who share a love of alt-electronica as well as the desire to create music from the heart and not from a brief. Tokyo is the first single to be released from Sun Dumb’s forthcoming EP and sets the tone for a style defined by melodic vocal tracks wrapped around classic acoustics and contemporary synth riffs. 

Coughlan and Sudek met while working together on location at Fox Studios. Coughlan is an accomplished musician and sound engineer with engineering credits including The Voice and X Factor. Sudek is a renowned musician and composer/producer who has worked and performed with artists including Mark Ronson, Jamie XX and Nick Littlemore, and is a founding member of ‘World Champion’ of the Future Classic family. Sun Dumb was born out of a collective need to create and record music for themselves, rather than for others to perform. 

“Julian and I met while working on a tracks for other artists. We stayed mates and decided to pitch a few song to other acts. Forming Sun Dumb wasn’t our initial intention but once the tracks started taking shape we thought “these ones are keepers”. Tokyo is the first of these “keepers”. To mix it up, Julian played more keys than his traditional drum background. I tracked vocals and removed myself from my sound engineering roots.” – Ryan Coughlan (Vocals/Production) 

The resulting work of the pairs first collaborative effort is simply astounding; intricately textured and melancholic in tone, with a dreamy whistle motif and swirling synth lines that capture the attention of the listener immediately. Sonically, the sound could be compared to that of MGMT or Phoenix, with a melodic confidence and what appears to be an undeniable chemistry between the pair, Tokyo marks an impressive start to a promising career for Sun Dumb. 

Following the release of Tokyo, Sun Dumb will look to release a music video for the single the rest of their debut EP over the coming months.





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