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What is your name and role within STOKA?

Az, I sing and play guitar.

 Where are you currently based?

The South East of Melbourne bruz.

How did STOKA form as a band?

My brother Bo and I have been jamming together since we kids. We’ve known Moose our whole lives, and when he brought Scotty along to jam one day, STOKA just kinda started. It was more just a way we hung out, but then things like supporting Boo Seeka and Bootleg started happening, so it evolved from there.

You’ve recently released your first singles from your debut album “GOOD” and “FEELING” charting well on Triple J Unearthed.  Please tell us how you usually go about writing songs and what influences your sound?

Most of our tracks usually start with me jamming on an acoustic, freestyling a bit. It’s easier for me to write when I’m not really trying to write (laughs). All of STOKA listen to different kinds of music, from Moose and RNB to me listening to grunge, so when I go “Guys, I’ve got a track” we just jam the structure, and see what happens. It’s great cos everyone just adds their own style and flavour to it. Basically we just try build it up, and drop it as hard as possible.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’ve got Sam Fender, Forth Wanderers and Anderson Paak on high rotation.

You have an upcoming EP launch on July 14th at the Evelyn Hotel with tickets selling very fast! Where and when did you record?

Yew, everyone better get tickets soon (laughs).  We recorded in the little jam bungalow we have at our house in April.

What influenced the sound and songwriting for the EP?

Half of the EP are some of our very first songs, so they’re influenced by the Sureshaker crew. The other half are songs we wrote just before going into the studio, or in the case of FEELING, in the studio. They’re a bit more Gang of Youths, Dear Seattle, Lime Cordiale flavoured.

Who did you work with on the EP?

Our boy Kyle Gutterson. He’s a local lad on the Melbourne music scene, and he’s recorded a couple of our mates’ bands. We were stoked to work with him, he really became the fifth member of STOKA, plus he dealt with all our idiosyncrasies really well (laughs).

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

Get this EP out, and smash out our EP launch. We’ve got our second EP in the works already, so hopefully we’ll drop that this year as well.  We’re also in the process of starting a fundraising gig where we’ll donate all profits to the homeless of Melbourne. It’ll be another mini fest in conjunction with a local organisation in order to provide clothes for the homeless, calling it “Arm The Homeless”.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Salty Chicken number 59 on the menu at All Season Dumpling in Oakleigh. We end up there a lot.

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