SOUTH SUMMIT dive right in, with invigorating & fresh indie-surf jam ‘RIVER DAYS’

by the partae
SOUTH SUMMIT dive right in, with invigorating & fresh indie-surf jam 'RIVER DAYS'

“So will you save me, from the waters that’ll take me all away..?

Founded on the creative coast of WA and guided by the tangy westerly breeze, Perth’s South Summit have arrived with an emotional and invigorating new tune – ‘River Days’ – ready to pull listeners into their story..

‘River Days’ is the next step for the 5-piece, who spent weeks with producer Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane, Tired Lion) refining the track, ensuring it retained the raw emotion of the initial demo. 

Catchy, heartfelt and memorable ‘River Day’s’ is a groove that demands attention, grabbing audiences by the hand and taking them on a sonic journey with a winding narrative. With Dave Parkin’s guidance the band was able to take the song up another notch, crafting an instant classic behind singer Zaya’s earnest storytelling.

“When we first wrote it, we knew it had potential and did not want to rush the writing process. We didn’t plan on recording ‘River Days’ this early as we didn’t think it was ready, but we took a leap of faith. 

After weeks in the studio we came out with a song that was completely different to what we came in with, which retained the elements of the original demo, but truly captured the meaning behind the words.” South Summit, Zaya (Lead Singer)

For a group so young, ‘River Days’ covers a story of addiction with a maturity that belies their age. ‘Save me from the river’ acts as a cry for help and a warning for those about to tread the same path.

“River Days is a story about the abuse of alcohol and how it can change the people closest to you. It is drawn from many personal experiences and deep emotions. The song is an attempt to show the very personal journey I have taken. “Save me from the river”, is a cry for help. Help to be spared from seeing those closest to me change for the worse, help to save them from alcohol and help to stop me from treading the same path.”

South Summit

School friends Zaya, Nathan, Fynn, Nemo & Josh quickly combined their influences (Ocean Alley, Pink Floyd, The Police) to create beautifully distinctive and flowing melodies – instantly recognisable, but uniquely South Summit.

This unquantifiable union between the members has seen South Summit hit the ground running. Their debut EP ‘Merlin’ has racked up 80,000+ streams so far, allowing the band to build a cult-like following amongst their fans. This fervour culminated in a SOLD OUT hometown headline show at The Rosemount Hotel. 

With the band eager to continue the rapid growth, ‘River Days’ is the first drop of a musical wave that is rolling on for South Summit.


“Really feeling that Ocean Alley influence on the second half of this big jam from South Summit. It’s ambitious, invigorating indie!”

Triple J, Declan Byrne

“Fantastical Indie from Perth, a little like the instrumentation of Ocean Alley with the passion of Matt Corby. I’m a sucker for breakdowns, I was really waiting for the rest of the instruments to join in and then came the second breakdown, which is just a beaut treat.”

Triple J Unearthed, Imogen Hanrahan


‘River Days’ is released Wednesday, October 13th.

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