Simian Mobile Disco announce Anthology: 10 Years Of SMD

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remastered on double vinyl ADSR Expansion: B-Sides & Remixes collection available digitally for the first time Friday October 6

2017 sees the 10-year anniversary of Simian Mobile Disco’s debut album, Attack Decay Sustain Release, and to celebrate, Wichita Records are releasing both the original LP, remastered and on double vinyl for the first time ever, on the Friday October 6 along with a collection of B-Sides and rare tracks from the Attack Decay Sustain Release era available digitally for the first time. Also being released is a special digital compilation Anthology: 10 Years Of SMD, featuring tracks selected by the duo from across their whole catalogue, showcasing the continuous aesthetic thread that runs through their diverse body of work released digitally on Friday October 20.

Formed from the ashes of psychedelic pop experimentalists, SimianJames Ford and Jas Shawhave been recording and performing as Simian Mobile Disco / SMD for over ten years and five studio albums. Over the course of their career, their sound has continuously evolved from record to record. Their continual re-invention can sometimes seem, from the outside, like a series of jumps, but that’s an effect of the process of releasing an album every couple of years. For the band, the process has been smooth and gradual, naturally following shifts in their own tastes and the musical landscape in which they found themselves. The sound however is distinctive enough to hold their body of work in a coherent whole.

From almost accidentally surfing the blog house wave with their much loved debut, Attack Decay Sustain Release; through their electronic pop productions on Temporary Pleasure; and what could perhaps be regarded as their magnum opus, the distillation of multiple influences and strands of UK dance and electronic music on the critically acclaimed Unpatterns; or their analogue/desert excursions on the more experimental Whorl and even the two sets of purely functional techno gear on Delicacies and Welcome To Sideways – all have what can only be described as SMD’s signature sonic aesthetics.

Simian Mobile Disco
Anthology: 10 Years Of SMD

  1. Sleep Deprivation
    2. Tits & Acid
    3. Hustler
    4. Synthesise
    5. Aspic
    6. A Form of Change
    7. Cerulean
    8. 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong
    9. Cruel Intentions
    10. Seraphim
    11. Your Love Ain’t Fair
    12. Put Your Hands Together
    13. Sun Dogs
    14. Calyx
    15. Happening Distractions
    16. Hachinoko (feat. Roman Flugel)
    17. Remember In Reverse
    18. Sacrifice (feat. Bicep)
    19. I Believe
    20. Wheels Within Wheels
    21. Run

Simian Mobile Disco

Attack Decay Sustain Release – Remastered Re-Issue

1. Sleep Deprivation (Club Mix)
2. I Got This Down

1. It’s the Beat
2. Hustler (Club Mix)

1. Tit’s & Acid
2. I Believe
3. Hotdog

1. Wooden (Uncut)
2. Love
3. Scott

Simian Mobile Disco
ADSR Expansion: B-Sides & Rare Tracks

1. Clock
2. Simple
3. 3 pin DIN
4. State Of Things
5. System
6. Animal House
7. It’s The Eat
8. It’s the Beat (Masseymix)
9. It’s the Beat (Luke Vibert remix)
10. I Believe (Prins Thomas Diskotek Miks)
11. I Believe (Joker remix)
12. Hustler (Shackleton remix)

Wichita Records via [PIAS] will re-release Simian Mobile Disco’s
debut album Attack Decay Sustain Release on Friday October 6
along with a collection of B-sides and rare tracks, followed by
Simian Mobile Disco: 10 Year Anthology on Friday October 20.

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