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What is your name and role within the Silkstones?

Ryan- I sing lead vocals and play acoustic guitar as well as writing the Silkstone songs with Dylan.
Dylan – I play guitar and do harmonies. I also write the majority of the songs with Ryan.

How did you start?

Ryan- The band started as a solo project that was going to be a one off album but quickly turned into a band so we could tour the songs. I met Dylan at our first concert as we were opening for his band “The Delawares”. He liked some weird bands that I liked and when the chance came we started working together and haven’t looked back.

Where are you based?
– Alberta, Canada.

What are you working on right now?

Ryan- We are just finishing the promotion of our latest release “The World Began With A Yes” and writing the follow up. We have a couple songs being written for the next record which have been heading in a different direction than our newest album. We recently put together a new line up to work with so it is an exciting time.

What is your gear setup?

Dylan – I play a Fender Telecaster Deluxe Custom into a 1974 Super Reverb. My pedalboard consists of a Polytune Mini > Diamond Compressor > Electro-Harmonix (JHS Meat Mod & 3) Soul Food > Caroline Guitar Company Icarus Boost > Mezei Tone Trem > Boss Super Chorus CH-1 > Boss DD-20 > Electro Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer.

Ryan- Gibson J-29.

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?

Ryan- Mostly just hang out with friends and spend time with my family. They always have new things and stories that influence my taste and expose me to new music. I grew up supporting Liverpool and I would say sports influence my music seeing the power a great song can inspire (You’ll Never Walk Alone- Gerry and The Pacemakers).

Dylan – I am currently going to the University of Lethbridge to study Geography so that takes up a lot of my time. Other than that I do enjoy playing video games, especially games with great OSTs such as Metroid and Castlevania.

How would you describe your music genre?

Dylan – Indie/Art Rock.

Do you know any music theory?

Dylan – I have not actually taken any formal music theory courses but I have taught myself theory just through learning songs and recognizing patterns. I am still learning of course.

Ryan- The only things I know have come from Dylan.

What are your plans for the future?

Ryan- To keep writing with Dylan and record music that pushes us to our boundaries.

Dylan – Same here.

How did you get into music?

Dylan – Music has always played in my household ever since I remember. I really got into it when my dad bought a guitar for himself and I naturally just gravitated towards it and picked it up and it went from there.

Ryan- Two of my best friends Cam and Jeff started playing guitar in grade 6 and I just wanted to hang out. A few months later I heard a Beatles song at a Calgary Flames game and I have not been able to stop the desire to write and find new music ever since.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Dylan – I have been listening to a lot of The Beach Boys, especially their albums Pet Sounds, Sunflower and Surf’s Up. The harmonies and melodies that Brian Wilson creates are amazing. Very ahead of his time. Also a DJ from the UK named Lone. His album Reality Testing is very entrancing.

Ryan- I have been listening to Michael Jackson’s catalogue including The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons, I can never get over the way he approaches songs and the power of his voice. Also Blur is my latest kick.

 Who are your top 5 influences and icons?

Dylan – Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Damon Albarn, John Maus and Mike Kinsella.

Ryan- The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Animal Collective, The Supremes

When and were are you playing next?

Ryan- We are doing our CD release shows July 15/16th in Calgary at Broken City and Lethbridge at The Slice.

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