Premiere: Shugarboy ‘Electric Body’

by the partae

Artist, producer and designer, Shugarboy defies current conceptions of electronic music  and fashion. Slipstreaming genres such as electro, house, hip-hop, rock, progressive  house, and EDM, each track pushes the boundaries of traditional electronic music.  The official music video was directed by Paul “Desh” Bwenjay and styled by  Shugarboy and the lead designer from Netflix series “The 100”. Shugarboy is also  releasing 3 additional EPs, one of those is featuring indigenous artist “DANAKA” and he  is collaborating on several projects with topline vocalist “Aloma Steele”  Over the past 13 years he has worked obsessively on his craft and has had the privilege  of collaborating on music with reputable names in the industry including Sickslaughter  House’s: Jeff Daniels, Juno Award Winner: Elaine Lil’Bit Sheppard, Rhys Fulber of  Delerium, Elise Estrada, Adam H., Aloma Steele, Ryan Stead, Tissa Rahim, Frederik  Robert, Baby C., I Know Karate, and FOX Seeds Winners: Static in the Stars.

A vibrant and revered member and supporter, Shugarboy has worked with numerous  celebrities in the LGBTQ++ community. In 2018, Shugarboy was the official DJ and  creative producer for the TUCK IT Drag series, with the finale featuring Ru Paul’s  Ginger Minj. In 2019 Shugarboy was also the official DJ for Ophelia Hotass’ and  James Majesty’s, 3-day tours across British Columbia. Shugarboy has also worked extensively with First Nation’s artist, “DANAKA”. Winning  the $10,000 StoryHIVE music video grant for their track “Disintegrate”. Disintegrate was directed by world-renowned director “Ali Visanji”.   His passion for art and fashion has allowed him to create successful anime influenced  clothing and accessory line SHUGARBOY BRAND with a store-front in Alberta and pop  up shops in Vancouver BC. S SHUGARBOY BRAND challenges fashion faux pas,  collating numerous styles into a unique design emblematic of his eccentric and unique personality.

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