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Showtime Goma, the solo project of A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s Jen Goma, shared her gauzy new single “Propel” today, premiering the song’s video that features scenes from her tour with Nancy Feast (Teeny Lieberson from TEEN).

Says Goma, “I wanted to try and make a video that followed characters who were supporting each other through a timeline of growth, not arriving at a point of being done. Underdone, done, overdone, time being a linear experience is sort of inconvenient because it makes it appear that anyone is one of those things at a time. So I just wanted to make a story about how evolutions happen. How relationships, friendships and community are things that inspire the effort needed to inhabit states of flux.”

Playboy, who premiered the clip, call it “a trippy delight.”

“Propel” will appear on Showtime Goma’s debut album Smiley Face, which was recorded with Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, is due out June 16 and is available for pre-order here.

More on Smiley Face:

Smiley Face is the debut album by Showtime Goma, the first solo outing from performer and writer Jen Goma. Whether leading A Sunny Day in Glasgow or collaborating with musicians and artists – including Deerhoof, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Jherek Bischoff, Ice Choir and Roman à Clef- chances are, she’s performing in your home town tonight. Chances are, Jen is standing behind you right now. Smiley Face is a record forged in these same fires of collaboration – bolstered by Deerhoof’s heavy hitter Greg Saunier, plus appearances by composer Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits), and an assortment of Goma’s ASDiG pals.

Smiley Face sounds like a labor of love (because it is). It’s DIY pop music built to stir and inspire. The record is an invitation, an invocation – to joy, anger, and catharsis in a time when apathy is not an option. Goma’s voice is the guiding light – forceful and flexing through 10 dance pop parables of freedom, time, and irreverence. Smiley Face‘s anthems are defiantly optimistic in an era of carefully constructed cynicism. A light record with a dark sense of humor, brimming with hope and energy. It wants to take care of you.

Showtime Goma – Smiley Face

June 16

  1. Oh Shit
  2. Big Disaster
  3. Propel
  4. Come And Know Me Better Man
  5. Take The Ring
  6. Distract Me From Work
  7. Chug
  8. How R U?
  9. What’s A Fight Look Like
  10. Secret NRG

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