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How​​ did​​ you​​ start?

Many ​​years ​​ago.​​​Back ​​in​​ the ​​highs chool​​ days.​​​Field​​ parties,​​dive ​​bars,​​and ​​talent shows…​​it’s​​ where​​ it​​ all​​ began.

​​​​​​Where​​​​ are​​you ​​currently ​​base?

​​​​​Jefferson​​​​ City,​​Missouri.

Please​​ tell ​​us ​​about ​​Red​​ Hands ​​Black ​​Deeds ​​that ​​will ​​be​​ released ​​globally ​​July​​28?

RHBD​​ is​ ​a ​​record​ ​for​ ​the ​​times. ​​​Representing ​​the ​​constant ​​push ​​and ​​pull ​​of ​​good ​​and​ ​evil​​in​ ​the ​​world and ​​the​​emotions​ ​that​​ go​​ with​​ it.

Please ​​tell​​ us​​ about​​ the​​ recording​​ technique ​​used?

We​​ went ​​back​​ to​​ the ​​basics ​​with ​​this ​​one.​​​We ​​left ​​the ​​digital ​​world ​​and ​​went ​​straight ​​analogue.​​​It ​​gave all ​​the​ ​tones ​​a ​​color.

Which​​ direction​ ​did ​​you​ ​take ​​the ​​album​ ​lyrically ​​and ​​why?

Lyrically, ​​i t​​tack les​​ the ​​sign s​​of​​t he ​​times.​​​The​​ surrounding ​​world ​​is ​​very​​ inspiring​​ if​​ we ​​choose ​​to​​ open our​​ eyes.

The​​ writing ​​of​​ the​​ record ​​began​​in ​​November ​​2016​​ at​​ the ​​time​​ of​​ the​​ US ​​presidential ​​election,​​did ​​this have​​ an​​ affect​​ on​​ the​​ writing ​​of​​ the ​​album?


What​​ are​​ you​​ working ​​on​​ right ​​now?

Currently ,​​we ​​are​​ on​​ a​​ North ​​American ​​tour​​ with​​ Nickleback.

What​​ is ​​your​​ gear​​ setup?

I​​ keep​​ my ​​guitar​​rig ​​pretty ​​simple.​​​My ​​trusty​​ Fender​​ Twin​​ Rever b​​and​​a​​ Jecky l​​n ​​Hyde​​provide much​​ of​​ my ​​live​​ tone.​​​ I​ color ​​it​​ up​​ with ​​a ​​Morley ​​wah,​​ a​​ Wham my​​ pedal,​​ and ​​a ​​Vox ​​Delay ​​Lab. Guitar​​wise ,​​I​​ use ​​a ​​PRS ​​McCarty, a ​​PRS​​S 2 ​​single ​​cut, ​​a ​​Gibson ​​Les​​ Paul,​​ a​​ Fender ​​Telecaster, and ​​a ​​Gibson​​ EC-20 ​​Acoustic

What ​​do ​​you ​​like ​​to​​do ​​outside ​​of​​ music​​an ​​does​​ it​​ affect​​ your​​ music?

Out side ​​of ​​music, ​​I ​​coach ​​youth ​​soccer​ ​in ​​Central​​Missouri.

How​ ​would ​​you ​​describe ​​your ​​music ​​genre?

​​​​​​​​We​​ like ​​to ​​call ​​it ​​Primal ​​Rock ​​haha

Do ​​you ​​know ​​any ​​music​​ theory?

​​​​​may be​ ​​​the ​​cliff​​ notes….​​we ​​are ​​all ​​self​​ taught

What​​ are ​​your ​​plans ​​for ​​the ​​future?

​​​​​​​Tour ​​​​Tour​​ Tour…

How ​​did ​​you ​​get ​​into ​​music?

​​​​​​It’s​​ just​​ something ​​that ​​happened.​​​ We​​ all​​ got​​ to​ ​the​​ point​​ where​​ music​​ is ​​what​​ we​​ do…

​​​​​​so ​​we​​d o​​it…because ​​we​​ get ​​to

What​​ are ​​you​ ​listening ​​to​ ​at ​​the ​​moment?

we ​​are​ ​constantly​​ listening ​​to ​​everything.​​​From​ ​blues ​​to​​metal,​​ and​ ​pop​ ​to ​​country.​​​We appreciate​ ​all ​​music.

Who​​ are ​​your ​​top ​​5​​ in fluences​​ and ​​icons?

​​​​​​Allman​​Brothers ,​​Hendrix ,​​Zepplin ,​​the​​grunge​​era, ​​and ​​Joe​​Walsh

When​​ and​ ​were ​​are ​​you​​ playing ​​next?

Currently, ​​we ​​are ​​on ​​a ​​North ​​American​ ​tour​ ​with​ ​Nickle back ​​and ​​Cheap ​​Trick​​​




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