Seth Anderson

by the partae
“I wrote this song while living in a new city, trying to process the feelings that came with that. Along with excitement, there was isolation, and the challenge to be open to new people and opportunities. I was also processing the loss of some important people in my life, so it was a very transformative period.” Recorded at Noble Street Studios under the guidance of producer/engineer and friend, Trevor Anderson, they emerged with a vibrant folk-pop recording which beautifully captured the emotional rawness intended from the origin of the song’s creation.
Seth Anderson has spent his time on a journey; in search of his truth, purpose, and an understanding of the world around him and his place in it. His songwriting offers an honest view of life from a unique perspective that has stemmed from years of travelling, moving from town to town, city to city, highway to highway; the high peaks, the low valleys, and all the spaces in between. Through all of this, there maintains one common thread- a bellow for love and hope. With an intensely emotional connection to his craft, Seth’s delivery is genuine, yet at times ferocious with both conviction and vulnerability, comparative to artists such as Steve Earle, AA Bondy, the Weakerthans, and Frank Turner. His evolution began in a small town DIY scene where he grew up in Hartland, New Brunswick; followed by years of a blue-collar approach to his career, putting in thousands of miles while taking his music to audiences all over the world. His highly anticipated February, 2020 release, “We Could Be.” (Snappy Little Numbers), was an impressive step forward for Seth in his exploration of songwriting, musical styles and sounds.

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