Sense Announce new 5-track EP ‘Taste’ via Nettwerk Records on 19th October + 10 Ten Play List

by the partae

Avant-pop collective Sense are pleased to announce details of a brand new 5-track EP ‘Taste’ released through Nettwerk Records on 19th October and will pre-empt its arrival with a new live visual for ‘All Mine’.

The band details the EP: “After exploring each sense with our previous EP ‘Esper’, we wanted to land on a specific one, Taste. Each song was created with the idea to describe one of five distinct tastes (Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Umami and Sour) whether it be in the instrumentation, the lyrics or features. The inspiration of this EP came from new discoveries of territories, and genres of music as well as encounters with wonderful artists across the world.”

Sense is the musical brainchild of three French engineering students – Matthieu, Paul and Marius. They recently shared two tracks from the new EP, ‘There Goes My Heart (feat. Holmsey & Rory McKenna)’ and ‘I Like It’. Both tracks relate to the five different senses. Similar to the hard to describe flavour of umami, ‘There Goes My Heart’ is about a main character that doesn’t know where to settle and is lost in a relationship. ‘I Like It’, speaks about a relationship that will sour yet both people choose to stay together despite the troubles.

Other songs on the EP include “Taste” (salty), “First Time” (bitter) and “All Mine (feat. Eleven)” (sweet). sThe EP was recorded, played, mixed and mastered by Sense in Lyon (FR), Paris (FR), Rennes (FR), New York and Philadelphia.

The concept behind the name and music is based on the 5 human senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. 2017’s debut EP Esper (Extra-sensorial perception), served as an introduction, with each song embodying a different sense. Since 2017, the band has released two viral tracks – ‘Last Cigarette’ and ‘All Mine’ – that have 8 million+ combined streams on Spotify and Youtube. The band aims to have each following EP focus on a specific sense and emulate its characteristics.

Matthieu, Paul and Marius each perform live sets in their home cities (Lyon, Paris and New York). Each member performs their interpretation of the song via differing instrumentation and/or visuals, giving each listener a unique experience. Marius recently performed a set as part of Bastille Day in New York City at 3:45PM on the outdoor stage set up at 60th and Park Avenue in July.


Track List:
1. Taste
2. First Time
3. I Like It
4. All Mine (feat. Eleven)
5. There Goes My Heart (feat. Holmsey & Rory McKenna)


1. Jess Kent – Girl :
Fresh, simple, engaged.Let me know if you need any2. San Holo – Show me :
This song is so deep and meaningful, despite it only has 4 sentences of lyrics

3. Kungs – Be right Here
This amazing piece of art from our friend Kungs, a huge hit !

4. Fall Apart – Megan & Feard (Sam Dian)
The brand new sound from our close friend.

5. Until the Morning Light – David Benjamin
One guitar, a voice that shines a million light. David Benjamin is singing our current lullaby.6. Coastline – Hollow Coves (Holmsey Remix)
Our best Aussie pal is taking us on another planet with his ever innovative plucks and the soft voices of Hollow Coves

7. My Favorite Things – Joey Alexander Version
The version I am playing right now on the piano. So fun to play!

8. Vulfpeck – Wait For The Moment
A song to groove to, by one of the funkiest band ever!9. Wugo – Pizza at the Pool
A melancolic pop song to get lost through night, that also gets me happy in the morning

10. Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind
Strongly attached to travel memories, this song takes me back whenever I listen to it

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