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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there? I’m based in Montreal and it’s the best music and art scene in the world!

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

I’m based in Montreal and it’s the best music and art scene in the world! <3 Haha really I don’t know if it is, I know there are a lot of great places in the world, but I love my city and I feel that as artists, we can evolve in so many ways in Montreal. We have a loving and supporting community, and it’s amazing!

How did you first start playing music?

Music came into my life through church first, and then violin (more like fiddle hehe). And I’ve always been singing and inventing songs in my head, for as long as I can remember. My voice and music have always been an extension of myself.

What have you been working on recently?

My new EP, my first music video (so excited to show you!!!), my branding, my singles coming out this summer… a lot really! I have a great team behind me, supporting me and making my music come to life, I love it.

Your new single ‘Waterfall’ is out now and is off you new album which will be out in September on Ray-On Records, what influenced the sound and song writing for Waterall?

Yes! I’m so glad to be sharing this with you. I love working with Ray-On so far! Waterfall is the most recent song I wrote, so I still feel very close to it emotionally. I was reflecting on couple relationships, and how it can be rough and messy sometimes but also strong and resilient. I wanted the song to sound heavy and big in the chorus, like a waterfall actually hehe, and soft and vulnerable in the verses. I wanted it to be luminous too.

How did you go about writing Waterfall?

I started from this reflection I described above, the duality of love in a relationship, and the words and melody of the chorus came together in my head. Then I played with this idea of good and bad, and the feeling of water pushing and pulling.

Where can we buy/listen to Waterfall?

Anywhere you want! Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp, Youtube (with moody images), all music platforms really!

Where and when did you record?

I recorded in the comfort of my home studio this winter ☺

Who did you work with?

Two wonderful producers and friends from Montreal: Nikolas Benoit-Ratelle and Loukas Perreault. They make an amazing team and complete each other very well, and they understand the direction I want my music to take.

What programs/instruments did you use?

Logic Pro and Abbleton (the producers) for programs, and mostly electronic instruments for this one, plus electric guitar.

What can we expect from your upcoming album?

Soft and groovy songs! And they’ll all be quite different too; we wanted to try new things, use more electronic instruments. And again, this idea of duality, of light and dark cohabiting.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Beyoncé! I know I’m like 3 years late haha, but I just discovered her album Lemonade and I’m completely amazed by her vocals and artistic direction. And also H.E.R., Rhye, Men I Trust, Les Louanges, Titelaine, and much much more!

What do you like to do away from music?

Reading!!! I love to read novels, go on adventures in my head. I love coffee as well, enjoying time with my best friends, go on hikes and outside of the city to get fresh air.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2019?

Launching my last single and music video!!! And preparing for my album launch, and shows this fall. And then RELAX a bit haha. And also I’m excited to start writing again <3

Any secrets that you care to share?

It’ll sound cheesy, but I’m pretty much an open book! I can’t keep secrets it makes me nervous haha! Sorry I ain’t got anything juicy for you…

Favourite food and place to hangout?

That’s a hard one! There are so many great places in Montreal! I think at the moment it would be Pastel Rita: I love their coffee and their colourful place ☺

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