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Where are you currently based?

Currently, I am on tour right now in the United States. Crazy schedule but fun times!

Your 2nd album ‘Sunset’ was released on the 24th of November, did you release with a label or independently?

Both Albums were released on Spinnin’ Records.

Where and when did you record?

Everywhere, haha! I’ve been working on the album for more than 2 years now, both from my home studio in Amsterdam and all over the world. I’ve collaborated with a lot of different artists that live all over the globe – but luckily thanks to technology you can now collaborate from anywhere. I could be in a studio in London and collab with Akon who’s from LA through Skype, for example!

What equipment / programs do you use to record and play live?

Actually, right now I brought my exclusive Sam Feldt live band with me: Quirijn on trumpet, Tariq on saxophone and Jordi on guitars. It adds an extra dimension to the show! The crowd loves it. They also worked on a lot of tracks on the album with me. For recording, we use mostly Protools and I produce in FL studio. When we play live, we usually bring our own rack of equipment that has all the transmitters and microphones linked to a Macbook to control the levels and the mixdown.

How did you first start in music and DJing?

I was eight years old when I started playing the piano. I found out that just playing music was not for me, I wanted to produce music too. I started saving up for a DJ set and started to play my first sets in my hometown Boxtel when I was around 11.

Sunset ties together with your debut album ‘Sunrise’ which was released last October 2017, how did this dual album concept come about?

I wanted to release something different, the idea was to put 24 tracks together which symbolizes the 24 hours that we have in a day. I want to let people know that Sam Feldt music can be enjoyed any time of the day – both during the hours of Sunrise and Sunset.

The two albums together consist of 24 tracks, like 24 hours within a day, your also currently 24 years old.  How did you plan and write for these two albums to work together?

I didn’t start with this concept 2 years ago. I just started making music and then the theme became apparent by itself. The album started as an EP, then became an LP and then a double album. I feel that because my music is so diverse, this concept works so well. Every record on the album comes with a feeling, an emotion – and also: the perfect time to listen to that particular song.

Do you ever combine analogue and digital technology when playing live or recording?

All the time! Both when playing live with my band and when recording live instruments or analog synths in the studio!

How do you approach writing music and then recording and producing each track?

Usually my tracks start around a vocal. I’ve made a lot of tracks that really started with me sitting in front of an empty screen, but I feel that the process takes a lot longer that way. If you start with a very strong vocal, I immediately get ideas for the production around it and you end up with a much better end result.

At the moment you’re on a US tour called: From Sunrise to Sunset, in major cities like NYC, LA, Miami and Chicago, how do you prepare for each show and how has the response from fans been?

The response has been overwhelming! It’s so awesome to be playing my own live show in all these great cities and seeing so many come to the show. The live elements really take the show to the next level and I can’t wait to start touring with Jordi on guitars as an addition to the band in 2018. We’ve been rehearsing with the band for a long time and can’t wait to showcase everything we’ve worked on.

Who or what influences your sound?

I get my inspiration from a lot of different places and artists! In every genre, I have my favourites. Music in general for me is like a being a kid in a candy store; so many flavors you can pick and to choose from.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

To see what I’ve been listening to lately on the road, check out my Heartfeldt playlist on Spotify!

Next to being an incredible DJ/Producer, you’re also an entrepreneur as you founded the company: Fangage

Please tell us how you came up with the concept for Fangage, how you brought the idea to life and how you plan to grow Fangage?

Two years ago, I saw on social media that I almost had 1 million fans combines over all platforms. I thought of myself; actually I don’t know who all these people are, but I realy want to know them. However, there was an option to pay a lot of money to the social media accounts, which I thought was a crazy idea. I realized that the thing I was looking for didn’t excist, so i decided to create an independent platform for my fans where they could access all my content and where I could get personally in touch with them. After launching, many other DJ’s followed and launched their Fangage portal. It’s so nice to see that the idea is working!

How can we join Fangage?

Just simply go the the website, and it shows itself!

Article by Business Insider about Sam and Fangage:

What can we expect for the future?

After this tour I’ll be hitting up Brazil, Switzerland, China, the USA, Mexico and some other cities still this year. I’m also working on a lot of new music, with the next single being released early 2018.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Sashimi and Cape Town, South Africa

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