Saint Barae

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

The Gold Coast!

What’s been happening recently?

I’ve been lucky enough to be making some new music now that I’ve closed the chapter on my first ever EP. It’s such a nice feeling to be in those early stages of making something new again when music is all potential. Personally though I’ve been really busy so I’m enjoying the quiet moments in between the craziness – I’ve been trying to hit the gym 5 days a week in between being addicted to my nintendo switch, just taking each day as it comes.

Your debut EP ‘Angel Armour’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

I’ve been so in love with bands like The 1975 and LANY over the past few years and those two acts definitely had a massive influence over the sonics of this project. From a songwriters perspective though this is very much a queer coming-of-age record and I’ve looked to my contemporaries like Troye Sivan and Cub Sport for inspiration talking about a topic that is still super unexplored in pop music.

How did you go about writing the EP?

‘Angel Armour’ kind of unfolded in realtime over the past year and a bit with my audience – I didn’t set out to make an EP when I released ‘Edge of Nowhere’, it was just a series of me really wanting to put out music because I felt like I had a lot to say in this whirlwind 24 months we’ve all lived. So what came later was just a continuation of that. I wrote this project 100% independently inside my bedroom closet so its intimate to me in a way no one else will understand. I think there’s a real beauty to the DIY ethos and I embrace that.

Angel Armour includes three previous releases ‘Boys’, Hollow and Edge Of Nowhere’ please tell about reason for their inclusion:

These songs are all significant to me cause they all cover milestone moments in my journey to becoming my most authentic self. From dating boys in the closet, to facing religious trauma and a rocky start to my first relationship – its a lot to cover in 4 songs. The project didn’t feel right with anything else added or taken away, this is my coming out story boiled down to its essence.

The EP has collectively racked up an impressive 75,000 streams on Spotify alone, what do you have planned for this EP?

Thanks so much that blows my mind that its been received so well already! I’m definitely excited to take it back on the road for some killer live shows in 2022, and who knows maybe you can expect some new music too even sooner than you might think.

You recently supported Boo Seeka at a huge sell out show on the Gold Coast and you also supported BEKS at her huge sold out show in Brisbane, how does it feel to be playing live shows again?

It feels incredible! I actually was so nervous to play live right at the beginning of 2020 when I was just getting into the game but now its one of my favourite parts of the process. I really come alive when I play these songs on stage and playing with artists like Boo Seeka is the icing on that cake.

Please tell us about any upcoming shows:

I’ll be back at my hometown stomping ground Vinnie’s Dive real soon so keep an eye on my socials for those dates and tickets, and for my Sydney and Melbourne fans don’t fret I’ve made it my mission to get to you too in 2022.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been blasting the new RUFUS on my weekends when I need a bit of EDM escapism but on the other side of the spectrum been enjoying some sad vibes from Girl In Red.

What do you like to do away from music?

I’m a fiend for a good op shop find and love vintage clothing so if you see me at the local salvos say hi haha.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2021 going into 2022?

To reconnect a bit with my loved ones. I’m definitely someone who needs time to recharge in between being so business minded about music but I’m ready and excited for the next chapter. The next single is quite different and I really think people are gonna love it.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

A good Poke Bowl or homemade Gnocchi pasta for sure. And Nobby’s Beach has been my local for a little while, definitely the best sunday session on the Gold Coast so many hidden gem venues to explore.

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