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Where are you currently based?

In Washington D.C U.S.A

Your latest release being a remix of Vlada Asanin & Frank Kid’s “Piper” is Out now on BeatFreak Recordings.  Now available on Beatport:

Why did you decide to remix this track?

I’ve been a long time fan of Beatfreak Recordings, and love their releases. I accepted this remix because i felt that I can definitely put my own spin to it, and create something that works for me and others like me, for the dance floors.

How did you get into remixing?

I started producing in the early 90’s with one of my first remixes being Celeda “The Underground” on Star69 Records. Which went to #1 on Billboard Dance.

What equipment do you use?

My main production DAW is Logic Pro X. But I also use Ableton Live for quick studio DJ edits to play out during my gigs.

Your Beats For Dayz top 10 is now up Do you have a favorite track from the list? What makes this track your favorite?

Well being my top 10, those are my top 10 favorite tracks. I don’t have 1 particular favorite, each one is special in it’s own way.  But if I had to choose one, I’d say my own track “annihilate” which came out on Carl Cox’s Intec imprint. It’s special because, I was at Space Ibiza closing party last year, when Carl Cox played it for the first time on that main floor. It got massive response.

Your latest single on Japanese tech imprint OTO Music, entered Traxsource top 20 Techno releases, last month. What do you attribute to being the success of this single?

I think being divers is the key to any success. I don’t stick to just producing Techno, or just Tech house, or just Deep house.

I flow with whatever I feel like in the studio on a particular day.  This track is a perfect example of that. I always tell people..I’m not a one-trick pony. 😉

What influences your sound?

Anything and everything, including dub reggae, jazz, and hip-hop. I also vibe off the stuff I play in the club or festivals. It’s these places I get most of my production ideas and inspirations from.

Four of your recent releases are currently featured on Music Monday Who are you currently listening to?

We Just released an amazing compilation to help bring awareness to the 1000’s of elephants being slaughtered for the ivory trade. I personally hand picked the tracks for this compilation, and it’s what I’m currently listening to right now, as I’m writing this. The compilation titled “Music 4 Elephants” with 100% label profit donation. Out now on Younan Music

How did you get into music?

Wow, that’s an interview within itself 🙂 haha. I started at a young age when I was still living in Baghdad, Iraq. I was always fascinated by percussion elements and instruments and found music to be an escape for me during the Iraq and Iran war, in the late 70’s.

Favorite food and place to hangout?

I have sweet tooth. I love French & Moroccan pastries.

If I’m not in the studio making music or DJing, you’ll most likely find me in the woods either hiking, biking or snowboarding.


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